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Become a member

Become a member school of TANDEM International

TANDEM International is a group of private and independent language schools located in key destinations worldwide.  Our current member institutes are located in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Chile.

Each school upholds the TANDEM Quality Code of Ethics. New schools on entry are inspected and approved to ensure these high standards are met, both inside and outside of the classroom. A National or Regional accreditation to a quality management system and/or certificate is also expected from schools who intend to join the network.

Young / New schools

Because we are independent school owners, we know how challenging starting a new school can be. Being a part of TANDEM International will help you grow in many ways.

Besides providing support for marketing and networking, quality is at the core of our schools. The International Quality seal is not only a recognition between peers but it will also open doors for your future development. For example if you are looking for new partnerships with agents, institutions or apply for your national quality label, holding TANDEM International Quality seal will be a great asset.

Do not be alone!! Together we are stronger!

Advantages: why become a TANDEM member school?

Joint Marketing

TANDEM International is offering you the opportunity to present your institution and your courses ‘live’ during our international meetings and multilateral communications and initiatives – for a very competitive annual membership fee. In addition, you will be joining TANDEM International’s regional groups, which will provide maximum exposure plus possibilities of deciding about your marketing strategies together with the other members of your group.

A brand with a long history and prestige

Our organization is constantly reinventing itself, and has been promoting innovative educational methods and partnerships since 1979. Our schools are recognized worldwide for developing these innovative methods with a humanistic approach and social responsibility. This makes TANDEM schools stand out from others, and gain a competitive edge in a world where people are increasingly concerned about the general welfare.

TANDEM Language Exchange ®

The name TANDEM Language Exchange ®, or “TANDEM partner”, refers to a teaching method complementary to the language learning techniques used in the classroom.  Our schools implement these TANDEM language exchange partnerships intended for two students helping one another to learn each other’s language. This method, the trademark of TANDEM International, is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. Your students will benefit from the positive results of this method during their courses, and your school will gain popularity by becoming part of the original TANDEM Language Exchange movement.

Marketing tools and technology

Our common website is more than a promotional page. It is a web-portal representing a lively, active community, where schools can gain further expertise, find assistance in quality and marketing-related issues and receive better public exposure. Thanks to the efforts of our IT team in collaboration with the staff from our schools, we work permanently to develop marketing tools and technological resources, aimed at improving our customer care and offering value-added services to all existing and potential member schools. We believe technology is a key to achieving language teaching excellence in a fast changing and interconnected world.

Grow together by sharing experiences

TANDEM is a democratic institution; each school is an active part of the whole network. This horizontal and interconnected organization enables us to share information and experiences, which enables us all to grow. The benefits of this collaboration improve all aspects of our services for all our members.

What are the conditions?

The main condition for becoming a TANDEM school is to share our values and work for a better world. In addition, each of us actively participates in all aspects of network maintenance.

Academic professionalism

The language schools of the TANDEM International Network have a select team of native teachers who hold university degrees and who specialize in foreign language teaching. They also ensure on-going professional training to the teaching staff.

The schools also adopt a communicative approach in the language courses, which facilitates the language acquisition process.

Customer commitment

TANDEM International places special emphasis on offering excellent customer care, reflected in its conscientiously built network of language schools offering a wide range of language learning possibilities. The schools provide personalized service, quick response to customers’ inquiries and feedback, and continue with academic, technological and service update and innovation.

Ethics policy

Most of the founding member schools of the TANDEM International Network are cooperative organizations, with participative decision making for the management of the school, as well as equitable income distribution.

TANDEM International ensures each school upholds employment contracts and payment in accordance with the legal requirements and the regional standards of the school’s country.

Environmental Responsibility

TANDEM International supports and encourages its member schools to adopt environmentally friendly actions such as office recycling, purchasing FCS or recycled office supplies whenever possible, booking flights within the Atmosfair program, travelling by bus or train for inland trips, and walking, bike-riding or taking public transport within each city.

Social commitment & International Solidarity

Several of the TANDEM International schools cooperate with social, cultural, and environmental non-profits, either through donations, or by hiring their services rather than those of big companies, or by purchasing fair-trade products, or by supporting their actions and projects.

Innovative Services

Offering innovative services is an important aspect of customer care, and most TANDEM schools place a special emphasis on developing innovative programs to be combined with the language courses such as cultural experiences, online language learning, preparation for official exams, special visits to local highlights, arts, crafts, dance and cuisine workshops, and outdoor activities.

Procedures for membership and quality assessment

Generally two TANDEM school representatives visit the applicant language school and thoroughly inspect all aspects of its operation: administration, academic and general management, curriculum, teaching, accommodations, finances, marketing, feedback and complaint procedures.

The Inspection report is reviewed by the TANDEM International committee in collaboration with the language group. If the language school meets TANDEM International and the language group equirements, all member schools vote on the application.

We agree to uphold the Quality Standards within our schools and throughout our activities and to make these Quality Standards openly available.

More about TANDEM International

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