News from TANDEM schools in France

French Schools Archives: Information about French courses and cultural activities at our French schools of TANDEM International in France, students reviews, DELF exams, exhibitions in the city, language learning resources and so on.

Langue Onze Toulouse: Visit our new website with a more attractive, efficient and dynamic interface!

A simplified menu system allowing people access to more relevant information A ‘French courses’ section with a more detailed explanation of the wide range of options offered and a system to briefly compare them An overview of the different types of accommodation Get full details by selecting any one of them! A new ‘Cultural program’ [...]

What are we planning for 2015?

Our French language school in Toulouse will launch a new website at the end of January 2015. We will also provide a more detailed French courses offer, a cultural agenda with activities not to be missed, practical information to live in France, French students testimonies and more services to make your French linguistic stay in [...]

Join our course programme and learn French with us! General and specific French courses all year round One-to-one lessons with qualified teachers Teacher training courses Internship experience Junior programmes and group stays Preparation for all official exams To complete your immersion in French culture sign up for the excursions and other thematic workshops offered all year round! DISCOVER , TASTE , ENJOY … [...]

French & Cooking in Toulouse, France

Our member school Langue Onze - TANDEM Toulouse offers combined language and cooking courses. In the French Intensive courses, students will deepen their knowledge in all skill areas of the language. In the cooking workshops (1 to 2 hours), students learn to how interpret recipes in preparing classic and creative dishes “à la Française”, hands-on [...]

Choosing a language school abroad II – Quality standards

Inspection and recognition of quality standards for language schools In my previous post I supported the small and medium-size language schools over the big, chain-type schools, as well as the small group classes with less than 15 students for language courses abroad. However, modest size does not necessarily imply modest quality. High quality [...]

Choosing a language school abroad I – Size does matter!

Learning a foreign language is about interaction and active participation If you are planning to take a language course abroad, here you will find a series of posts with tips to help you find a good, reliable school. School size: Give some thought to what you would like to find when you arrive [...]

Exposure, exposure and exposure when learning a foreign language!

According to a study, just listening to the language we want to learn is critical, even if we don’t understand the words yet. Apparently, our ability to learn a second language is directly influenced by our exposure to the combination of sounds with which words are constructed, as it sets up the structures required to [...]

European Day of Languages

The TANDEM Network promotes language learning Today, 26th September, is the European Day of Languages. Thus, in this post I would like to highlight the role of TANDEM International in promoting language learning worldwide. TANDEM International, a growing association of independent language schools throughout the world, shares with its member schools the purpose [...]

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