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Between calli and campielli… mysterious words from Venice

n Venice “streets” don’t exist and there’s only one square and two avenues! Finding your own way in Venice isn’t child’s play. Just having a great sense of direction isn’t enough; in Venice the moment will come when you have to ask for information. In these moments you will have to pay attention to some fundamental words: calle, campo, rio, ruga, and nizioleto.

Centro Machiavelli – Students Reviews

I cannot tell you how amazing this school is. If you want to learn italian in a short time, this is where you need to go. I wanted to improve my italian, since I start university this year and one of my subjects is italian and I still cannot believe how much I've learned in this past few weeks. The teachers as well as the whole atmosphere were just amazing. I had the pleasure to work with Elleny and she seriously is the nicest and most dedicated teacher I know. She always made sure that every single one of us could follow her, even if she had to explain things three, four or even ten times. You could see that she really loves what she does and that for me is what makes a good teacher.

Learn Italian in Milan at Il Centro – What their students say!

Il Centro students share their experiences! What they liked and how the school helped them in learning and improving Italian language in Milan

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ROME: a great city to learn Italian at our TANDEM school

Roma, Rome, the City of seven hills, Caput Mundi (head of the world) - whatever you call it, one thing is for sure, Rome's beauty overtakes all who enter its ancient walls.  With 300.00 habitants we can say that it is an enriched city! With a nice sunny climate, and an unparalleled wealth of history [...]

Teaching languages through “movie a cura di Cristiano Sanna”

Teaching languages through Movie Making (TLMM) è un metodo di insegnamento linguistico basato sulla creazione da parte degli studenti di un cortometraggio. Ha vinto l'European Label for the Languages nel 2010 e, nel contesto del programma europeo LLP, è stato portato avanti grazie al progetto finanziato con fondi Leonardo “CiLL, Creativity in Language Learning” e [...]

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We love Milan from USA!

Milano sta vivendo un grande momento per il commercio italiano, ma anche per la sua immagine di fiore all’occhiello dell’Italia agli occhi del mondo intero. La capitale lombarda ha ospitato Expo 2015, il cui tema è stato l’importanza della nutrizione e del cibo, oltre che della sana alimentazione per un vivere altamente qualificato. Non sapevamo, [...]

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CILS (Certificazione di Italiano come Lingua Straniera)

CILS is a certification of Italian-language abilities for non-native speakers. It is useful to those who study Italian, who work and study within an Italian context, and to those who want to evaluate their knowledge of Italian. All foreigners and all Italian citizens living abroad can take the CILS examination. There are no limits in [...]

Istituto Venezia offers Italian courses in Triest

Our partner school Istituto Venezia also offer Italian intensive courses in Triest. The course consists of 4 lessons in the morning, split between two teachers, every day from Monday until Friday. The maximum group size is limited to 12 participants. The course lasts for 4 weeks (80 hours) and includes the teaching curriculum for the following language levels: [...]

Interactive Italian lessons via Skype with Il Centro Milano

Our partner school Il Centro in Milan offers students different types of Italian language courses. They also have the possibility to learn Italian even when they can’t come to Milan. They have created a special course called “Interactive Italian lessons via Skype”. You can choose if you would like to start with a one hour lesson or [...]

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