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  • Ville Roja in Toulouse, France

Come and learn French in Toulouse … la ville rose …

Learn French in Toulouse and enjoy a unique French experience! Our French school Langue Onze – TANDEM Toulouse offers French courses all year round and adapted to all levels!

Toulouse, located at the Cote d’Azur and next to the river Garonne is the most important city in the South-West of France. It is the capital of the region Midi-Pyrénées. Known as the pink city, Toulouse is enriched with culture, architecture, art and industry.  A not to forget … Toulouse has a passion for food.

Toulouse is the 2nd student French town after Paris. It welcomes approx. 140.000 students coming from Europe and from all over the world to study in public universities

Why is Toulouse so fab for students?

“It’s easy, it’s fun, and it’s safe”

Our language school Langue Onze Toulouse is situated in the old centre of Toulouse.  Students can move from school life to social life by just going into the old city centre with plenty of bars and cafés. Toulouse is also known as a city where students feel safe. The climate is comfortable with warm summers and agreeable winters. During the summer students can get to beaches in just an hour, using public transport. In winter students can go skiing as Toulouse is situated 1,5 hours from the ski resorts in the Pyrenees.

We recommend to explore this beautiful city on foot, as Toulouse has a small old centre with cosy elegant squares, enriched markets and friendly people. People who have been in Paris and come to study to Toulouse, say that the city is smaller, southern, cheaper, and a friendlier version of Paris!

Practice French!

People from Toulouse are known as open and welcoming. They will help you to find your way and you will easily find friends in cafés, bars and clubs of the city. Shopkeepers and waiters will encourage you to practise your French.

Share the art of living

In Toulouse, you will know and share the typically French way of life:  linger at the terrace of a café, taste a cassoulet (a typical local stew), a confit de canard (a duck filet baked in his own fat) or a local wine. Go shopping in the old town on Saturday afternoon, relax in a park or go cycling along the Garonne river or the Canal du Midi. Or enjoy a rugby match! The city’s rugby team is one of France’s most successful. Rugby is a religion in this area and on match days the whole city covers itself with the team’s colours (red, black and white).

Bilingual street signs

The streets in Toulouse have signs in two languages, first French and then Occitan, the traditional language of Southern France.


Since Toulouse is the 2nd student city of France after Paris, the nightlife is great. The clubs are open until 6-7 in the morning. There are many bars and restaurants that are serving international drinks and dishes and are open until late.

For more information about the school and the city visit the school: Langue Onze

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