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Events July and August in TANDEM International cities

All you cannot miss at the end of July and at the beginning of August in the cities of TANDEM International

The last two weeks of July and the month of August continue to offer a wide range of plans to enjoy free time in TANDEM International cities. With summer already well-advanced, open-air proposals are multiplied: summer cinemas, summer festivals, popular festivals and many cultural activities from which you can benefit by practicing languages or entering into contact with local culture and customs. Would you like to know them?


The Berliner Volksfestsommer, an evolution of the popular Franco-German carnival, is one of Berlin’s free summer plans in which, in addition to the traditional fairground amusements and food stands, a fireworks display take place on Saturdays. From the 3rd to the 5th of August, the 22nd International Beer Festival of Berlin will take place, with the participation of some 350 breweries from almost 90 countries and nearly 2,400 different beer specialities. And, if your budget allows it, you can attend the Botanische Nacht 2018, the nights of the Botanical Garden, with guided tours of the garden and different night activities until 2 a.m.


The Breminale art festival is held from July 25th to the 29th at the fairground on the Weser riverbank with a full program of live music in circus tents, outdoor art, jugglers and entertainers, children’s games, theater, dance and poetry readings, without forgetting food stands to have something. A few days later, from 3rd to 5th August, the port and the maritime area in the Vegesack district will once again host the Maritime Festival, a free festival with music and scenic proposals for all tastes and a marine-themed entertainment program.


Music lovers also have an interesting appointment at the Jazz at the Botanical Garten 2018 , concerts of famous musicians from the German and international jazz world that will take place in a privileged setting: the Botanical Garden. Moreover, from July 20th to 22nd, the Christopher Street Day (CSD) is held, which is, the LGBT Pride of Frankfurt; and from August 3rd to 6th the Mainfest will take place, a traditional folklore festival with merry-go-rounds, fair stands and places where to eat and drink.


In addition to the holding of the Hamburg Tennis Tournament, the Hamburg Pride, the LGBT Pride festival, will take place from July 27th to August 5th. If you like fairs, you can not miss a visit to the emblematic Hamburg DOM, the greatest public festival in northern Germany, which will be held from July 27th to August 26th. Among the gastronomic plans, the St. Pauli Nachtmarkt, an agricultural market full of high-quality products from the region that opens at sunset.


You cannot miss the proposals of the Göttinger Kultursommer 2018, which will end on August 18th, and neither the Herberhausen Open Air, a free outdoor music festival that will take place on July 21st.


Cooking, music, barbecue and football to welcome the new guests in Bielefeld. This is the plan of Offenes Bielefeld, a series of free events that count on the collaboration of the district Mitte-Ost of Bielefeld and that on July 21st invite us to enjoy multicultural music and on August 31st to a barbecue. Another gastronomic plan is the Abendmarkt de Klosterplatz, a night market that takes place on Thursdays and in which, in addition to quality local products that you can take home, you can also enjoy music performances. But if you prefer medieval experiences, the Sparrenburgfest 2018 will take place at the Sparrenburg castle on the last weekend of July.

Hamburger DOM 2017, Wikimedia

Hamburg DOM 2017 | Photo: Wikimedia


The Kölner Rheinuferfest arrives on the 28th and 29th of July on the left bank of the river Rhine, between the bridge of Hohenzollern and Bastei, with a hundred stands with all kinds of products: handmade soaps, handmade jewelery, etc. and spaces where you can have a Kölsch beer, a Bratwurst or a Rievkooche. Another gastronomic plan suitable for water sports is the Eat, Play, Love, a wakeboarding championship that will take place from July 26th to 29th at Lake Fühlingen and combines sport, culture, gastronomy and music. In August, on August 4th and 5th, Deutz celebrates its popular festivities, with plans for adults and children.


Those who love classic music can not miss the Münchner Opernfestspiele, an opera festival that makes this musical style known to everyone every year with an open-air concert at the Marstallplatz. Another classic summer date is the Jakobidult, the typical market of Munich, which will take place from July 28th to August 5th at the Mariahilfplatz with about 300 merchants, artisans and various artists. At the end of July the impark Sommerfestival will also begin, an event that will last until August 19th and includes free outdoor concerts, a night market, food stands and a snack bar, besides the possibility of practicing wakeboarding. If you want to know better your neighbours with the neighborhood, the Obersendlinger Freiraumsommer is a good way to start, a space open to the public with proposals such as learning to dance tango in the open air, intercultural picnics or cocktail workshops, and much more.


The Radio France Occitanie Montpellier Festival will offer like every year in the city a heterogeneous music proposal at affordable prices or, even, for free. Followinfg with the music plans, the Encas Jazz Festival, free jazz concerts that have been held for their 18th edition. For good wine and good food lovers takes place the “Estivales” of Montpellier, a great gastronomic night market with live music that can be enjoyed every Friday until August 31st; or Les Estivales de Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone, in which every Wednesday until August 29th you can discover and taste the wines and local products of AOC Languedoc.


The real summer plan in Toulouse include its beaches, which offer a complete program of activities. The Toulouse Summer Festival, is also essential in summer entertainment, and it returns with concerts, shows, workshops, recitals, open-air cinema to the emblematic places in the city. Another idea is to visit the EDF Bazacle from July 20th to August 26th to enjoy the views of the Garonne. On the other hand, the Cinematheque organizes an outdoor cinema in its courtyard, from Tuesday until Saturday, August 25th, with a wide range of classic and contemporary movies.


The Amedeo Bassi Festival – La Voce is one of the cultural summer proposals in Florence. A music festival that pays tribute to the tenor Amedeo Bassi and focuses his attention on music, especially on opera. Also in the musical field, the MusArt Festival Firenze 2018, which is confirmed as one of the summer events and combines concerts, art visits, culture and gastronomy. These days is also held the Italian Brass Week, a music festival that bets on talented young people; and the Florence Folks Festival, an urban festival where tradition and contemporaneity coexist through music, food and co-existence. Cinema lovers will also have the possibility to enjoy free outdoor cinema at the Uffizi Gallery.

Jazz Festival


The Parco della Musica Auditorium, the Jazz House, the MAXXI Museum and the Parterre Farnesina Social Garden host the Roma Jazz Festival until August 5th. The 41st edition of the Estate Romana comes full of summer plans, and the most are free of charge: cinema, music and outdoor shows, urban itineraries to discover the lesser-known places in Rome and art, workshops, etc. In summer the comedy festival All’Ombra del Colosseo also returns to the Parco del Colle Oppio, which offers the public outdoor performances by the most famous Italian comedians. On the occasion of the extraordinary opening of the Roman National Museum there will be guided and archaeological visits on Thursday nights in July to discover the collections of the Museum and the gastronomic culture of ancient Rome.


The Venezia Jazz Festival celebrates its eleventh edition in the city with important figures of international jazz. Moreover, “Cinemoving: the outdoor cinema in your district” will make known the Venetian squares. On August 5th will take place the Regata di Pellestrina 2018, a regatta of oarsmen in gondola. Another outdoor summer plan is “Marghera estate”, a traditional festival with music, movies and street food. And if you want to test your Italian at the same time you know one of the most famous Venetian characters in the world, take the opportunity to attend “Arlecchino furioso”, the new show of the Goldoni Theater.


Milano Arte Musica, the international festival of early music, will allow you to enjoy classic music concerts until the end of August in places of inestimable heritage and cultural value. The traditional summer event “Vacanze a Milano” dedicated to those who spend the summer in the city, also returns to Piazza del Cannone. Moreover, the programming of Estate Sforzesca continues with its concerts, dance shows and theater for free or at reduced prices.

TANDEM International cities: Spain and Chile


The Veranos de La Villa and the Noches del Botánico will keep offering plans to entertain us in the Madrid nights, while the Teatro Real will celebrate its second centenary by hosting the 4th Universal Music Festival. Movie lovers may opt for the central summer cinemas Cibeles de Cine or Conde Duque and those who prefer urban music and art, La 7ª Plaza en Verano returns to Matadero Madrid with a varied leisure options with lots of music and art.

San Sebastián

The 53rd Heineken Jazz Festival in Donostia / San Sebastián will reunite the most important figures in the world of Jazz. Moreover, in parallel to the festival, the Basque Cinematheque organizes the 3rd edition of the “Jazzinema”series, with movies that combine both fields. The XXXI edition of the International Folklore Festival of Loiola will take place within the San Ignacio Festivities of the Donostiarra quarter in Loiola. Those who prefer the gastronomic plans, have a good opportunity to attend the XXIX Gastronomic Days of Debagoiena in order to taste the local products and do some sightseeing.


Among the Flamenco plans of July and August in Granada there is the II International Festival of the Guitar of Granada and Flamencolorquiano, a show about Lorca and Granada at the Generalife Gardens. CineMA Plaza and Jazz en la Plaza bring cinema and jazz every summer to the Plaza de las Culturas of the Memory Cultural Center of Andalusia, while the Cuevas del Sacromonte Museum celebrates the XVI International Outdoor Film Festival.

Santiago (Chile)

While in the northern hemisphere is summer, in the south the predominating season is winter. For this reason, in Santiago Balmaceda Arte Joven Metropolitana invites you to join the “Bajo Cero Festival” , which is part of the programme of free cultural events “Vacaciones en Santiago”. If you want to practice your Spanish with the movies by one the most international Spanish-speaker directors, you cannot miss Almodóvar’s Transgressive Movie Series at the Sazié Hall Cineclub of the University of Chile. The collective exhibition of photography “CHILE”, presents works of different artists about photography and territory that will allow visitors to get to know Chile from an artistic perspective.

This is surely just a small outline of all Berlin, Bielefeld, Bremen, Cologne, Florence, Frankfurt, Granada, Hamburg, Göttingen, Madrid, Milan, Montpellier, Munich, Rome, Toulouse, Santiago (Chile), San Sebastián and Venice have to offer. Remember that you can count on the TANDEM team to inform you about the best plans to enjoy the city every day of the week and join the cultural proposals that each school organizes, so that you can put into practice what you have learnt in class while having fun.

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