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  • Langue Onze Tououse - Forom des Langues 2016

Langue Onze Toulouse at the 2016 “Forom des Langues du Monde”

Like every year, the French association “Carrefour Culturel Arnaud Bernard” organized on Sunday, May, 29th 2016 the 24th edition of the “Forom des Langues du Monde”. This event enable since 24 years each association or school to present a language, animating a stand on the famous “Place du Capitole” in Toulouse, southwest of France.

The French language school Langue Onze Toulouse, participed to represent French courses, English courses and TANDEM service.

During this day, Toulousans, visitors and also some students of Langue Onze Toulouse passed on the stand of the school to take information or share a convivial moment. In this video, a student asked to a French teacher / administrative member to talk about the event and the school. The student explains also his experience with the school and the progress he has made within the French language.

Langue Onze Tououse - Forom des Langues 2016

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