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BERLIN, the perfect city to learn GERMAN!

Berlin, the capital of Germany, with a population of almost 3,5 million people, was known for its famous Berliner Mauer (The Berlin Wall).

Nowadays more students are realizing how important it is to not only learn a new language but also to dig into the culture of that language. Living and studying in another country will enrich your personal social and language development.

Our language school – TANDEM BERLIN – has more than 30 years of experience offering active language learning. The school is located in the attractive new premises in Bötzow Kiez, a neighbourhood within the inner city district of  Prenzlauer Berg.  Students can here combine learning a language with meeting people and sharing cultural experience. The  language courses are based on effective communication and they work. Qualified teachers, small groups and a relaxed atmosphere guarantee that all participants receive optimal support and encouragement and make quick progress. Whatever you’re learning – German, English, Spanish – it should be fun!

To make your stay awesome we show you a list of several cheap and free things you can do in Berlin:

Catch a ride to the Reichstag!
The Reichstag is the Germany’s parliament, the Bundestag. A free lift ride to its roof terrace offers spectacular views over the city. They have free audio-guides which inform visitors about surrounding sights, the building and the workings of the parliament.

Picnic in a park!
In summer Berliners go to their favourite parks to tan, picnic and knock back a few beers. The Tiergarten is the sprawling central city park with lots of paths and ponds. The Tempelhofer Park is a former airport turned public park. Grab a disposable BBQ at the supermarket and grill your Bratwurst!

Meet random people and make conversation!
The city’s cosmopolitan structures brings all kinds of people together!

Join a party in a club, from dusk till dawn!
Berlin is all you could ever want or need. – whether you’re into hard-core techno, pop music or Tango, you can find a place to party any night of the week. This is not a town where you need to worry about closing times.

Enjoy a Currywurst from the nearest vendor!
You can’t live in Berlin without ever trying a Currywurst just around the corner, it’s a sacrilege.

Watch a football match among fanatics!
Hertha BSC Berlin is the football club of Berlin! Germans are known to go crazy when it comes to football; it’s pretty amusing.

Go shopping in KaDeWe!
KaDeWe stands for Kaufhaus des Westens. It is the one the biggest department store in the city.

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