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Examination centre TANDEM Cologne – The perfect exam for everyone

All prospective students planning to study in Germany need to prove their language skills. TANDEM Cologne is an official examination centre for all telc-exams, and also, since the beginning of 2016, for TestDaF-exams.

Telc examinations

We offer German language exams for all levels, from Start Deutsch A1 to telc C1 Hochschule. You can find an overview of all examinations on offer here:


For telc B1 and B2, we offer six examination dates a year. Exams are always scheduled to take place around the end of our Intensive Courses K2, K4, K6, SK8, K10 and K12. For telc C1 Hochschule, we offer two exam dates per year.

TestDaf -Examinations

Apart from that, we also offer TestDaf-exams six times per year. You can find more information about TestDaF-exams and exam dates here:



The actual Goethe-exams take place once a month at the Goethe-Institut. We at TANDEM Cologne are going to prepare our students for these exams in special preparatory courses here at our school, starting in 2017.

Dates for preparatory courses in 2017

In combination with our intensive courses, TANDEM Cologne offers 8-week prep courses including mock examinations for TestDaf, telc B2 and telc C1 Hochschule, as well as Goethe C1. TestDaf-prep courses consist of 60 lessons of 45 minutes each; all other prep courses consist of 48 lessons of 45 minutes each in addition to our 192-lesson intensive courses.

Our dates for 2017 are as follows:

TestDaF: 09/01., 13/03., 01/05., 05/06., 07/08., 02/10.

Telc B1 and B2: 09/01., 06/03., 02/05., 03/07., 04/09., 30/10.

Telc C1 Hochschule: 06/03., 04/09.

Goethe C1: 09/01., 08/05., 30/10.

 Our price for an 8 weeks’ intensive course consisting of 24 lessons per week plus preparatory course and mock exam: 1.395 EUR (rather than 1.575 EUR; special offer for bookings with booking code BLG17TK)


For further information about our courses please see


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