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  • German courses in TANDEM Munich

German courses with TANDEM Munich in 2016

With over 25 years of experience, our TANDEM school in Munich will start another year with German course offerings for foreign students, and other foreign language courses for native Germans.

TANDEM Munich uses a variety of language teaching methods, but emphasizes on the importance of 4 key elements; listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Particular attention is given to the speaking part to allow students to express themselves from the first week of classes.

A personal and relaxed learning environment is the main priority at the school, working effectively, on a more personal level, teamwork, and close supervision ensure that for the students the classes are fun as well as successful.

For 2016, TANDEM Munich will be offering the standard intensive course, the super intensive course, summer intensive course, and preparation for exam courses.

TANDEM Munich recognizes that learning a language is more than just attending classes. Therefore, the option to live with a local German family is available. This way you learn the language at a high phase, and you get to fully experience the German culture.

All with all, the school is working hard to make 2016 just as much of a success as the year 2015!

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