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Looking for a job? Germany needs skilled workers who can speak German

Germany urgently needs qualified workers and professionals who can speak German. According to estimates by the German labor minister, Hubertus Heil, there are currently 1.2 million unfilled jobs due to lack of skilled personnel.

Unable to find an eligible workforce from within Europe, the German Government has taken legal measures to facilitate the immigration of people from anywhere in the world for work purposes.

An unprecedented decision made possible by the coalition of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the Social Democratic Party (SPD), gave the green light to two bills to regulate the immigration into Germany of workers from countries outside the European Union.

Minister of Economy Peter Altmeier described the measure as a historic day, since it leaves behind “thirty years of ideological debates about an immigration law”, and opens up more possibilities for the German economy, which is in great need of skilled workers who also know German.

German Language

Knowledge of German, a prerequisite for employment

The main condition for the entry of workers with a nationality other than German is language. Anyone interested in working in Germany must have a knowledge of German.

It also requires previous work experience or university studies certifying their qualifications to pursue a profession, and enable them to integrate into the German labor market.


Employment Integration Alternatives for Refugees

The German government’s second project is aimed at refugees who, for various reasons, have had their asylum application rejected, but have made progress in their integration into the country.

If they have worked for at least 18 months, have committed no crime, and there is no doubt about their identity, they can receive a temporary work permit which, after 30 months, can be converted into a definitive work permit.

Southern and Northern Germany are where more workers are needed

The Institute for labor Market and Employment Research (IAB), under the German Ministry of Labor, reports there are 1.2 million job vacancies. Some regions in southern Germany and the industrial centers in the north are the areas most affected by this need for qualified employees.

In terms of the professional profiles most needed, there is a special lack of workers with a level of professional training (plumbers, draughts men and drivers) and with diplomas (child educators, nurses, etc.).

Learn German, the key to a job in Germany

If we use a recent study as reference, two thirds of German medium-sized companies, of the famous ‘Mittelstand’, have plans to expand their workforce in coming years. In addition, according to official figures, German unemployment fell in November 2018 to 4.8 % and job vacancies rose to 807,000.

Thus, learning German presents itself as an open door to career opportunities in the German labor market. This is a profitable personal and professional goal that we at TANDEM International can help you achieve.

Although German has a reputation for being a complicated language, our German courses in Germany will show you that it is not as difficult as it is painted. The key? A different teaching methodology from experienced teachers will inspire and motivate you to learn German and to soak in and enjoy the local culture.

Our German language schools in Germany are specialized in teaching German, and will allow you to get to know different cities in Germany (Berlin, Bielefeld, Bremen, Cologne, Frankfurt, Göttingen, Hamburg and Munich) while you learn German and immerse yourself in German culture.

Do you want to improve your job opportunities?

Study German with TANDEM International!

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