What is going on at Tandem?

  • Uwe Kastner

We meet Uwe Kästner, manager of Kästner Kolleg e.V. – TANDEM Dresden

  1. How did 2014 go for you, and how did it compare to previous years?

2014 was – as the two previous years, another successful year at our
school. With an increase of 7 % student numbers and turn over we can
look back to a good time an look hopeful to the future.

  1. What developments do you expect in 2015?

As we are also a licensed center for “Integration German courses” funded by the German ministry (BAMF) we expect – which is sad enough for it´s reasons – a clear increase of students who escaped from circumstances where they feared live danger. So there will be many more refugees and asylum seeker “knocking at our door” this year.

  1. Anything new this year?

Our teachers and staff is taking a course in Arabic language and culture
– in order to gain understanding of our students cultural background.

  1. Where do the majority of your students come from?

Asia, Eastern Europe, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Western Europe.

  1. What are your most popular student activities at your school?

Meet at the “Stammtisch” for laid back conversations in nice locations
in the area, Excursions to other cities, BBQs.

  1. What makes your destination special for your students?

Dresden as a city is not too small and neither too big. It is situated
in a beautiful landscape with lots of green. It has culturally a lot to
offer and is an important hightech, research and university location
in Germany. Also it´s close to Berlin, Leipzig, Prague and Wroclaw.

The Neustadt quarter where our school is situated in, is an energetic, vibrant and cosmopolitan place where young people just love to stay – as least for a while. And although the PEGIDA misery it is very save and peaceful.

  1. 3 things that make your German language school special for your students?

Our school situated in a great living area and with a nice green
environment around is a middle size school. That means with it´s around
70 students learning German at the time and throughout the year, students can meet a lot of interesting people, can easily make friends and still
have the “family feeling” with personal attention.
Apart from that, our school puts a lot of effort in the demand to keep up
with highest standards in teaching and service – just as a “TANDEM
quality school”.

Uwe Kästner from Kästner Kolleg – TANDEM Dresden:

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