What is going on at Tandem?

  • Werner Riebe

We meet Werner Riebe manager and owner CASA Bremen

  1. How did 2014 go for you, and how did it compare to previous years?

Since 5 year we have an exceptional development of our school with a growth of 20% – 30 % per year.

  1. What developments do you expect in 2015?

We expect another increase of 30% – 40 %.

  1. Anything new this year?

We are going to make undetermined contracts to most of our teachers.

  1. Where do the majority of your students come from?

We are a very international school. Actually we count with 160 students in our intensive courses and we have more than 60 different nationalities. 9 % are Spaniards, another 9 % come from Syria.

  1. What are your most popular student activities at your school?

Most of our students are focused on learning German.

  1. What makes your destination special for your students?

Our students get familiar with Bremen easily. It is not too big but big enough to be an attractive place to live ant to meet other people. Bremen is a green green city with a very high quality of life. People speak nearly free of accent

    7.  3 things that make your school special for your students?

Excellent relation between offered service and high quality language courses.
Wide offer of German language courses (intensive, super intensive, summer, junior, school groups ).
Trustful and friendly atmosphere with professional approach towards learning.
Our shared flats in the same school building in the very center of Bremen.

Werner Riebe from CASA Bremen: www.casa-bremen.de

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