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TANDEM Berlin, a good starting point for learning German

In order to learn a language, it is essential not only to study it but to put it into practice as much as possible. Of all the possible options, language courses abroad are the most advisable option, especially in cases such as German, a language that has the reputation of being complicated.

Berlin, a popular destination for international students

There are many possible destinations in which to learn German, with options for all types of people. If cosmopolitan and diverse cities are your thing, Berlin is your ideal destination. The capital of Germany is one of the places in the whole country with the greatest offer of leisure activities and free time, a perfect place to practice German after class.

No wonder it is one of the favorite places for young people to learn German because of its wide variety of cultural plans, night clubs, concerts and music festivals. A city alive at day and night, perfect also for shopping lovers.

Berlin is also famous for its Fashion Week, much more groundbreaking than those of Paris, Milan, Madrid or New York, and for being an international benchmark of design and architecture.

Berlin is a destination with a long history and with a great variety of museums, galleries, and points of interest such as the remains of the famous Berlin Wall that divided Berlin into two from 1961 to 1989.

Nor can we forget the green areas of Berlin, its many lush parks, or the famous German beer, which you can try while conversing in German with some Berliner.

If all these strengths of Berlin are in your must list to choose the destination where to study German, there is no doubt: Berlin is the perfect city for you and where you will be able to reach all your potential learning German.

Berlin, a popular destination for international students

Every year, many students choose TANDEM Berlin to experience an authentic language immersion in German. A popular language school among international students from all over the world, TANDEM Berlin offers a wide range of German courses.

Here you will find regular German courses all year round, except in July and August, when the regular courses take a break and the German summer courses begin.

They also have German evening courses, perfect for those who work and don’t have time to go to class every day; or individual German classes so you can get the most out of learning German with a teacher just for you.

Whether you prefer to study in a group or work at an educational institution interested in a stay in Berlin to learn German, TANDEM Berlin also has complete German programs for groups with which you won’t have to worry about transport, accommodation or meals.

Live Berlin and other German cities

Live Berlin and other German cities

If you are sure that Berlin is your ideal destination to learn German but you also want to enjoy other places in Germany in the same trip, you have the possibility of being able to enjoy Berlin and complement your learning of German in another different city.
Thus, after your German course in Berlin, you will be able to choose to continue your German adventure with a linguistic stay in another of the TANDEM International schools in Germany.

No matter which option you choose, because with all of them you will be able to speak, write and understand texts and understand conversations in German, the four needed competences to master the German language.

Both TANDEM Berlin and the other TANDEM schools in Germany will allow you to experience a complete immersion in German and German culture. With them, besides learning the German language in the German classes, you will participate in the local culture through cultural and leisure activities through which you will live in first person how is the day to day life of Germans.

Don’t let people tell you what it’s like to learn German in Berlin, find out for yourself!

Do you want to learn German in Berlin?

TANDEM Berlin is the German language school you are looking for. Get to know their German courses and discover with them the German language and culture.

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