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Il Centro di Lingua e Cultura Italiana – Tandem Milan

Established in 1986, Il Centro di Lingua e Cultura Italiana is one of the oldest Italian language schools in Milan and is a founding member of the ASILS (Association of Italian Language Schools). We have led the way in Italian language instruction, providing quality instruction to tens of thousands of foreign students. Founded by long-time language enthusiasts Enrica Cavo and Luisa Turolla, Il Centro and has grown to become an internationally recognized school, and is officially authorized by the Italian Ministry of Education to provide lessons to foreign students.

Although much has changed in the past three decades of language instruction, one thing has not: the quality of our service. Since day one our school’s mission has been simple: to provide high quality, reliable, and affordable language instruction to students wishing to learn Italian. Our team of highly qualified language instructors continuously update our material in order to ensure our students are receiving the best possible education every day that they attend our school.

As we say in Italian,

“l’apprendimento è un processo senza fine” … “learning is an endless process.”

This idea is reflected in everything that we do, but most importantly in our teaching methodology. Unlike many schools that force their students to learn “from the neck up,” we understand that in order to learn the Italian language and culture, one must first experience it! That’s why we structure our lessons to gradually integrate our students into the culture naturally. This allows us to practice a more humanistic approach, focusing on each individual student and their needs.

At Il Centro our students and their experience are at the heart of everything we do. We offer language lessons for students of every level, from absolute beginners all the way to those wishing to attend University in Italy. We also offer a variety of course choices, such as, morning courses, afternoon courses, and evening courses, as well as intensive and individual classes, just to name a few!

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