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Centro Machiavelli – Students Reviews

Raffaella Schaljo

I cannot tell you how amazing this school is. If you want to learn italian in a short time, this is where you need to go. I wanted to improve my italian, since I start university this year and one of my subjects is italian and I still cannot believe how much I’ve learned in this past few weeks. The teachers as well as the whole atmosphere were just amazing. I had the pleasure to work with Elleny and she seriously is the nicest and most dedicated teacher I know. She always made sure that every single one of us could follow her, even if she had to explain things three, four or even ten times. You could see that she really loves what she does and that for me is what makes a good teacher.

Again a really big thank-you to the school and your amazing teachers, it was an unforgetable experience.

Krista Grace Morris

There are hundreds of language schools in Florence, but I would only recommend Machiavelli.

An alumna and good friend recommended the school to me, and I’m just as happy with my experience.

The instructors have a talent for selecting excellent materials and creating useful, original exercises.

I loved that lessons are structured but not rigid.

Students can openly propose subjects they are interested in or having trouble with, and Instructors are always happy to help.

The environment is professional and efficient like a serious school should be, but it’s also very inclusive– staff is kind, approachable and responsive. We often had coffee with classmates and instructors during the break to discussions from class and practice in a real Italian environment.

The area is one of the best in the city, and is saturated with unique cafes and historical sites.

Santo Spirito is located on the opposite side of the Arno river from the Duomo (“Oltrarno”) and is central with bus connections.

Big hugs to my favorite instructors Cristiano, Gino and Benedetta!

Mélanie Struik

I studied at different language schools in Italy and Centro Machiavelli was for me one of the best. I just had time for one-week lessons and what I appreciated was the atmosphere of seriousness for the job the teachers are standing for. They do the best for their pupils to learn that wonderful language.

I started with amazing Benedetta and felt directly comfortable. But I needed a different level so I came in the lessons of Elleny. What a nice teacher! In addition, what an energy she gave us to let us understand what is complicated in Italian language. She is also a warm personality therefore we had a nice atmosphere in class. I miss her already and my classmates! I ‘m also content with the learning books Elleny gave me. Compact and clear material also for homestudy. Ciao tutti, a dopo!

Ema Šćulac

Centro Machiavelli is a great school whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner. The teachers and the staff are extremely nice and will do anything to make you stay more pleasant. I would definitely recommend it to everyone.

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