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Italian on Tour

Italian on Tour: Learn the Italian language in Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice or Trieste!
With this city hopping programme students have the chance to visit two or more cities while attending Italian language courses in one of our TANDEM partner schools. When moving from one school to another, students will be placed in classes of the appropriate level to continue their language study. The schoos also take care of all the arrangements.

The programme includes:
– 4 Italian language lessons a day in our partner schools in any of the five cities.
– Cultural programs organized by the schools: guided tours, neighborhood walks, cooking lessons and wine tastings, film showings and seminars on Italian cinema.
– Single room accommodation in a shared private apartments.
T train fare – one way to each of the chosen cities.

Students can enroll for 2, 3, 4 or more weeks.

For further information and quotation contact TANDEM Italy member schools.

Learn Italian in Italy

Learn Italian in Italy


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