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  • Learn Italian in Italy

Learn Italian in Italy

Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and worldwide. It offers both the natural beauty of the countryside and the richness of urban settings. There you have a chance to enjoy the sea, the mountains and the cities, all within easy reach. Moreover, Italy’s dreamy light and spectacular landscapes seem made for romance, and its three millennia of history, culture and cuisine seduce every visitor. Finally, Italy has long been a fertile center of artistic and intellectual achievement. From art to science, literature to cinema and music, the influence of Italian culture has been spread throughout Europe.

Another important aspect of Italy is the Italian language. It is the language of culture and art, and is spoken by almost 65 million people in 30 countries. It is an official language in Italy, Switzerland, Croatia and Slovenia, and a second language in 25 other nations. So why would not you learn Italian in Italy?

Here are some reasons why you should learn Italian in Italy:

  1. According to UNESCO (the cultural and educational agency for the United Nations) the most of the world’s cultural heritage sites are in Italy.
  2. If you like arts, music, design, architecture, opera and food, this is the reference language.
  3. The Italian language is the closest to Latin, the common ancestor of all romance languages.
  4. Many people rate Italian language as the most beautiful spoken language in the world.
  5. Italian has the highest number of words for describing food!

So, where could you learn Italian in Italy? We recommend you to visit one of the following TANDEM member schools:

  1. Torre di Babele

Learn Italian in Rome, the capital of Italy, which is famous throughout the world as it is an ancient city, full of history, monuments, churches and works of art.

  1. Istituto Venezia

Learn Italian in Venice, a unique city, a wonder, a miracle on water, an open air museum, where you can find the world famous Plaza San Marcos, which is a well-structured, trapezium-shaped square with arcades on both sides, historic cafes and open-air orchestras.

  1. Il Centro

Learn Italian in Milan, the capital of fashion and design, where the succession of multiple cultures, stratified and placed side by side, has made the city one of the most interesting places in Italy.

  1. Centro Machiavelli

Learn Italian in Florence, a cradle of the Renaissance, a city forming part of the UNESCO world heritage, filled with overwhelming beauty, from the Uffizi Gallery to the Academia Museum, from Botticelli to Michelangelo, where everything will amaze you.

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