What is going on at Tandem?

  • Enrica Cavo

We meet Enrica Cavo, director and owner of IL CENTRO – TANDEM Milan

  1. How did 2014 go for you, and how did it compare to previous years?

2014 was a good year and more positive than the previous ones.

  1. What developments do you expect in 2015?

This year Milan primarily means World Expo 2015 and we are looking forward to the new challenges to overcome, getting better and better with our school.

  1. Anything new this year?

A special “Made to Measure Programme” for Expo 2015 to experience the real contemporary Milan.

  1. Where do the majority of your students come from?

From Europe.

  1. What are your most popular student activities at your school?

Italian cooking lessons, guided tours around the city, aperitif and watching Italian movies.

  1. What makes your destination special for your students?

A cozy atmosphere in the heart of Milan that makes our students feel themselves at home.

  1. 3 things that make your Italian language school school special for your students?

Flexible, modern and communicative teaching method with a humanistic approach. Cozy and friendly atmosphere; highly qualified and motivated native teaching staff; small groups of international students (6-8, a maximum of 10 people per class); Italian courses for smart prices.

Enrica Cavo from Il Centro – TANDEM Milan: www.scuola-italiano-milano.com

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