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  • Enzo Cosentino

We meet  Enzo Cosentino, one of the directors of “TORRE DI BABELE” – TANDEM Rome

  1. How did 2014 go for you, and how did it compare to previous years?
  • Compared to the last years, 2014 was a somehow difficult year; the global crisis was still in the air and we had to count with a slight reduction in the number of enrollments. But, due to our long experience (30 years!) and to the high quality of our Italian courses  and of the services that we offer,  we had been able to overcome those difficulties.
  1. What developments do you expect in 2015?
  • In the first months of this year we could already see a positive trend and therefore we expect to come back soon to the figures of last years.
  1. Anything new this year?
  • There is always something new at “Torre di Babele”, new courses, new ideas, new cultural programs and above all new partnerships with organizations which offer professional courses in various areas that might be interesting for those students looking  to combine the learning of Italian with other experiences in the area of Fashion, Arts, Design, Cooking, Architecture and Photography. The Italian style is a reality and it is always a big attraction!
  1. Where do the majority of your students come from?
  • The majority comes from Europe, South America, Russia and Japan.
  1. What are your most popular student activities at your school?
  • Guided tours with experts to discover Rome, its “Grande Bellezza”, its various neighborhoods and is daily life. Cooking and wine seminars are also very popular.
  1. What makes your destination special for your students?
  • Rome, the eternal city, is a city rich of history (3000 years!), but also a very vibrant and modern city where everything can happen. The motto “Tutte le strade portano a Roma” … it is still true!
  1. 3 things that make your Italian language school special for your students?
  • High quality in teaching.
  • Superb location.
  • Rich and varied cultural activities.

Enzo Cosentino from Torre di Babele- TANDEM Rome: www.torredibabele.com

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