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TANDEM Milan (Il Centro) – Our Staff

Our instructors have been working at our Italian language school in Milan for many years and have a perfect knowledge of our teaching methodology.

Their extensive experience as teachers, in addition to their great understanding of the cultural diversity of the different countries, give them the skills to teach students from all over the world.

Here-under the presentation of some of them:


Matteo Broggini

He obtained his degree in Literature at the University of Milan and a Master’s degree in DITALS (Didactics and Promotion of Italian for Foreigners) at the University of Venice. He has been working at Il Centro since 1999. In addition to teaching, he is also in charge of developing the didactic resources that their students use for learning.

Once a month he organizes a pedagogical update for all the instructors of the school. His preferred resources for teaching are videos, especially movies. In his opinion, they are an excellent way of learning the vocabulary, the grammar and the culture of a country.


Giovanna Ballistreri

The daughter of a Sicilian father and a Venetian mother, Giovanna is a mixture of Northern and Southern Italy. Love and career made her go to Milan in 2001. Language schools are almost magical for her and they have always played a special role in her life.

She has always wanted to work teaching languages and, furthermore, in Milan, she has met people who are passionate about Italy and the Italian language. Not only she enjoys teaching, but in her spare time she also loves traveling to remote and not so touristy destinations, reading and, mainly, cooking.


Giusi Mosca

She has a degree in Communication Sciences. After her studies, she started working in the publishing industry and then in public relations. One day the word ‘communication’ took on a new meaning for her and she changed her life completely.

She was studying English in London and met a teacher who would change her life. An unusual teacher who taught her that teaching is an excellent type of communication: efficient, imaginative and involving. She decided then that it was what she wanted to do for a living and said goodbye to the public relations.

In Rome, she learned to teach like the person who inspired her. After that, she returned to Milan and found her true path: teaching. She is inspired every day by the eyes of her students who, among small disappointments and great achievements, overcome the challenge of learning Italian together with her.


Cristina Magnoni

She is a university graduate in interpreting and translating because she has always loved foreign languages and cultures. But something was wrong. Translating other people’s words wasn’t sufficient for her… She traveled all over the globe looking for the missing piece of the puzzle.

Finally, she realized that to share her knowledge of Italy, from culture and language to Italian cuisine, made her very happy. He loved the thought of being a “talking book”.

She moved back to Italy, to Venice and then to Rome, and started studying teaching methods that were creative: the class is like a stage, but instead of theater they perform moments of daily life to show her pupils how to handle their day-to-day life in their new residence. Everything is language: smells, tastes, images, noises…. a multisensorial trip.


Marta Debernardi

Her passion for other civilizations, traveling, and foreign languages are the reason why she decided to study oriental languages and literature at Ca’Foscari University in Venice.

Following college, while she was learning in Japan, she became fascinated by the idea of teaching languages because of the motivation, imagination, and enthusiasm of her teachers.

She realized that she wanted to show other people how to appreciate the Italian language and culture in the same manner as she does. At the same time, she can also learn new things about other countries and languages from her own students. She believes that it provides an excellent vision of the globe as a whole and not only from a single perspective.

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