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TANDEM Rome: the ‘Torre di Babele’ to learn Italian

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According to the Biblical story in Genesis, from the famous Tower of Babel (“Torre di Babele” in Italian), different languages emerged and then were dispersed throughout the world. For centuries, linguistic differences were a substantial reason for the separation amongst different peoples of the world. Therefore, learning languages is one of the most important ways to connect people, since along with language you also learn about other cultures. This connection between different cultures through languages is the essence of TANDEM.

This is why the terms “Torre di Babele” and “TANDEM Rome” together take on a very special meaning: the emergence of diversity that is brought together again through languages. And even more so in a city like Rome, which has deeply influenced the formation of Western cultures, and is home to one of the most beautiful languages.

Italian is the fourth most studied language in the world, after English, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. One of the perfect cities to learn it is Rome, the capital of Italy, which exudes Italian culture around every corner and offers a lively year-round cultural life.

The Colosseum, Agripa’s Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, the staircase of Piazza di Spagna, Piazza Navona, Via Veneto… many are points of interest in Rome which have so often been immortalized by cinema. With so many cinematographic references, it is not surprising many travelers feel they are characters in an authentic film while getting to know Rome. Inevitably, they fall in love with the Italian way of life, its cuisine, its wines and its language.

Cleve Van construction tower Babel

At Torre di Babele they know all about that. It’s an experienced Italian language school, and a member of TANDEM International, which has been teaching Italian to foreigners to Rome for more than 35 years. In addition to Italian language courses, they are also very aware of the culture and art of Italy.

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If your thing is to enjoy your free time, in Torre di Babele you will find a great ally. Throughout the year they organize workshops on Italian culture, guided tours of Rome, tastings of Italian gastronomy and weekend excursions to other Italian landmarks where you can learn more about Italian culture.

The combination of the Italian language with other Italian specialties such as gastronomy, design, music, literature, art or architecture is so important for them, that besides traditional Italian courses (intensive, superintensive, individual…), they also offer other training programs. You can get toknow the best of Italy while learning Italian.

For example, you can study Italian + Italian cuisine (in a group or individually), Italian + photography or painting and sculpture, Italian + architecture, Italian + Design, Italian + Music and Singing (with Opera as one of its distinguishing features), Italian + restoration and decorative arts, Italian + jewelry and goldsmithing or Italian + Fashion.

With Torre di Babele, besides knowing and living in depth in the “Eternal City”, you will be able to learn Italian or train as a teacher of Italian from the mouths of teachers with extensive experience preparing Italian teachers and teaching Italian to foreigners of multiple nationalities. Because this Italian language school, through which people from all over the world pass, is an authentic Tower of Babel in the heart of Rome.

This international atmosphere, combined with its communication-oriented classes in small groups (never more than 12 students), and its language exchanges with Italian students will provide you with a truly unique experience; and ultimately you will achieve your goal of learning Italian.

Add to this its good connections with the rest of the city, its proximity to the Villa Torlonia Park, the university town of La Sapienza and the San Lorenzo district (one of the liveliest in Italy), and this Italian language school is also a good base from which to explore Rome.

As a picture is worth a thousand words, nothing is better than this video to confirm why Torre di Babele is one of the best schools to learn Italian in Rome. Give it a “play” and travel to Rome with us!

In addition, with Torre di Babele you can combine your stay in Rome with other Italian schools in Venice, Trieste, Milan or Florence.

Dare to get lost in the streets of Rome, to be seduced by the succulent dishes of Italian cuisine, to enjoy the Opera and the famous Italian “Bel canto”, to taste the prized Italian wines, or to enjoy a day of shopping with the latest Italian fashion while you learn Italian in Rome. We are waiting for you!

Are you looking for an Italian course in Rome?

Torre di Babele has the Italian course for foreigners and the Italian teachers you are looking for.

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