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February 21st. International Mother Language Day: The Richness of Multilingualism

Languages are much more than tools simply allowing communication. They are also the signature identity of the societies that speak them, and pillars of their culture.

A good example of the diversity of nations around the world is the richness that multilingualism brings, and why it is important to bet on the survival of languages. These, in turn, carry on traditions, memories and multiple ways of expression.

According to UNESCO, at least 43% of the 6,000 languages spoken in the world are on the verge of disappearing. A gap that is even wider is in the digital environment, where its use is even more in the minority.

This is why, since 1999, International Mother Language Day has been celebrated on 21 February each year. It is a calendar event designed to promote multilingualism, cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue. Language diversity throughout the world is a great advantage worth preserving.

Turismo de idiomas

Multilingualism as a cultural vehicle

In the last twenty years, International Mother Language Day has called for linguistic diversity and multilingual education. Numerous studies confirm the advantage of introducing the learning of languages other than the mother tongue during the early years of education.

As a result, many education systems around the globe already incorporate bilingual learning methods and/or introduce the teaching of other languages from primary school through high school.

In this way, in addition to maintaining their mother tongue, students come into contact with other languages and different cultures, allowing them to have a more global vision of other countries and ways of living.

Learn languages like native speakers

Many methods are used for language teaching, but not all are equally effective and do not provide short-term results. At TANDEM International we are committed to a different methodology, based on communication and centered on the student, rather than the teacher.

All of our schools specialize in the language spoken in their own country, allowing us to teach French, German, Spanish and Italian to international students as if they were native speakers of that language.

We go beyond simply explaining grammatical rules, phonetics and vocabulary. When classes are over, we organize cultural activities so students can put into practice what they have studied, and get to know more about the city where they are studying the language and build relationships with local people.

We value the local cultural contribution of each TANDEM destination and provide you the tools to enjoy a vibrant social life while improving your language skills.

Native speaker

A whole linguistic and cultural immersion allows you to practice the language in the most natural and fun way, in real and more relaxed environments than the classroom, and with people who have that language as their mother tongue.

In addition, the expansive international atmosphere of TANDEM International language schools facilitates multicultural exchanges between and among students who choose to take a language course with us.

Another added value is the TANDEM language exchanges, allowing you to gain fluency by conversing with locals who are native speakers. We offer language exchanges in which you can talk about the topics that interest you most, while meeting new people and expanding your circle of friends.

Language learning improves your employability and enriches your worldview, bringing you closer to other cultures, and helping to build a more plural and diverse world.

Looking for new linguistic goals?

Learn Spanish in Spain or Latin America, Italian in Italy, French in France or German in Germany and discover the richness of multilingualism with TANDEM International

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