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Cidadão do Mundo: Annual Group of Brazilian students at TANDEM Madrid

The schools of the TANDEM International Network receive students from all over the world every year, both individuals and student groups from various international educational institutions, similar to so many other foreign language schools. But unlike most other language schools, TANDEM schools are always looking for new ways to apply the principle of social responsibility to everything they do. As a result, in 2017 TANDEM Madrid signed an agreement with the Brazilian state of Maranhão and the educational agency Viamundo to bring students to Madrid every year as part of the program “Cidadão do Mundo”– Citizen of the World.

The social program “Cidadão do Mundo” offers scholarships for students who complete their secondary education in public schools or schools partnered to non-profit organizations; students with few resources to take a language course abroad. This program provides a unique opportunity for these young people to achieve a more cosmopolitan vision of the world and acquire important knowledge they will soon be able to turn into benefits for their own community.

Cidadão do Mundo

These Brazilian students spend almost 3 fantastic months in Madrid on a Spanish course for groups, where they progress quite quickly in their knowledge of the Spanish language and culture, and at the same time taking advantage of everything the Spanish capital has to offer: gastronomy, museums, tourist attractions, events and, above all, a constant coexistence with people from many and varied cultures, both inside and outside the classroom, and also through the TANDEM Language Exchanges ®. The support of host families where the students stay is also fundamental to the success of the program, as they were able to combine the comfort of “feeling at home” with the constant practice of the language in a Spanish family environment. Another decisive factor for the success of the study trip was its excellent organization and coordination between the school, the agency and the Program, through its coordinator Fabiana Moura.

According to TANDEM Madrid, the program was rewarding for all concerned. The TANDEM team, in addition to enjoying the daily company of these highly motivated and dedicated Brazilian students, learned a bit more about the culture of that part of Brazil. To end the program, everyone gathered for a farewell party, singing Christmas carols and sharing meals from different countries around the world. It was a festive and international atmosphere perfectly representing the typical experiences the TANDEM network aims to provide to its community.

We present a video of the students in TANDEM and their first impressions of the Program:

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