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Earthquake in Chile – How to help

Earthquake in Chile - How to help

Earthquake in Chile – How to help

The first emergency aid has already reached the affected area, and the rebuilding has already started.

Fortunatly, Santiago has not been beaten too badly and a normal rhythm of life has already been regained. Most of the students expected to start a Spanish course at TANDEM Santiago arrived without much trouble, though some with a little delay.

The airport is working with fair normality. Tourist important areas like the Atacama Desert and the Chilean Altiplano, as well as northern cities have not been stricken, and thus suffered no damage. Neither has been hit the Patagonia area south of Temuco, with the very visited Lake district, Chiloe island and the southernmost parts of Chile like Torres del Paine National Park neither.

As earthquake and disaster news are not a good promotion for getting students to Chile, and considering that most parts of Chile including Santiago are perfectly safe to visit and enjoyable, and knowing that Chile needs the tourism income today more than ever to rebuilt the affected provinces as soon as possible, TANDEM Santiago invites you to visit Santiago and «Learn Spanish in Chile », to contribute to this challenge.

Thus, for the coming three months, TANDEM Santiago will offer special discounts on its Spanish courses:

20% Discount on all Group course prices

Additionally, TANDEM Santiago will donate for the next 3 month 25 US$ of each paid enrolment fee  to the Chilean NGO « Un techo para Chile» (A roof for chile), which is building emergency houses to all those who lost their house during the earthquake and following Tsunami.

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