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Earthquake in Chile

TANDEM Santiago

TANDEM Santiago and the earthquake in Chile

On the previous weekend Chile has experienced one of the most destructive catastrophes recorded in the last 50 years, as you have surely been informed through your local mass media. The images have been and are still shocking for everyone, and there is worldwide concern about this situation. The area of disaster starts about 250 km south of Santiago covering the area of 300 km north-south.

Fortunately, even while these shocking images strike us with desolation, we can tell you that the city of Santiago has not been affected as much as transmitted images might let you think. Destruction here has been moderate. The big majority of the buildings in our area survived the quake with minor to no damages.

The city of Santiago was restored to normality in less than 24 hours after the earthquake, and even when there still is an atmosphere of concern about the situation taking place in the south of our country, there is a growing cheerful feeling of optimism about the future.

All basic services, public transport services, commerce and administrative offices are working at nearly 100%. SCL airport is also starting to host arrivals, and is supposed to be working normally again at the end of the week.

Fortunately, here at TANDEM Santiago, we have not had any inconveniences and all our facilities are fully operational, as well as our accommodations, and the means to reach us.

All our activities are being held normally and none of our students has been affected in their physical integrity.

So, do not be afraid of coming here, the situation in Santiago and the cities out of the disaster area is safe and normal, and even when we have been a little shaken, Chile still is the nice country it has always been. And our school is ready to welcome you and cover all your needs in language learning.

Thanks for your solidarity.

The team of TANDEM Santiago

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