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Everything you can’t miss at the beginning of summer in TANDEM International cities

The summer has started off with a wide variety of activities — summer festivals, exhibitions, concerts and popular festivities to culinary activities or outdoor plans, which people enjoy the most when the heat arrives. Take note of everything you shouldn’t miss this week in the cities of TANDEM International!


Beginning June 27th the Tollwood Festival is an event you cannot miss if you are in Munich. Legends such as Bob Dylan, Lou Reed and Patti Smith have performed in the past and may return to Olympiapark along with its hippie vibes and live music concerts. Beer lovers will find in Nußbaumpark a place with live music, DJs, yoga, art events, and a small, cultural urban beach in Kulturstrand.


If you want to know more about the history of the city of Berlin, the best option for you might be the photo exhibition Achtundzwanzig Jahre Berlin Mit Und Ohne Mauer (28/28 Twenty-eight years of Berlin with and without the Wall). For music lovers, the concerts of the Citadel Music Festival 2018 return just like every year to the Zitadelle Spandau fortress with all kinds of halls and a wide range of activities, or the Bergmannstraßenfest – Kreuzberg jazzt if you are into jazz. If you want to unleash your most creative side, the International Festival for Architecture and Urban Alternatives MakeCity or the Sommerfest auf Schloss und Gutshof Britz are the perfect places to find inspiration.


After last week’s Campus Festival Bielefeld, the University of Applied Sciences (FHDW) in Bielefeld offers an Open Day for future students. Moreover, the International Futsal Tournament for the Lord Mayor’s Challenge Cup and the BMX Race Nord and Beginners Cup 2018 will be celebrated in this city.


Like every Sunday, the famous tale by the Brothers Grimm “Town Musicians of Bremen” will come to life in the cathedral square for free, an activity which is suitable for both children and adults. If you are a film lover, you might enjoy the open air cinema Open Air Kino Bremen and if you love art, you should see the exhibition “Sailing, Skating, Smoking: Dutch Painting of the Golden Age” which will be available until August.

Open Air Kino in Schanzenpark | Photo: Outdoor Cine GmbH

Open Air Kino in Schanzenpark | Photo: Outdoor Cine GmbH


Opernplatzfest 2018 comes to the Opera Square of Frankfurt with a culinary festival paying tribute to one of the most beautiful squares in the city. This festival will be a feast for the senses, as you will not only enjoy delicious food but also a scenic program including a wide range of music styles such as jazz and pop music.


Every summer night the lake of the Planten un Blomen, Park lights up in magical colors that dance to classical music. The music program for this week includes New Sounds, an adaptation by Héctor Gonzáles Pino. There are other outdoor activities such as the Methfesselfest; a non-commercial festival supporting local initiatives and offering live music, conferences, puppet shows, and the Wedeler Hafenfest, which includes two music stages, activities for children, a market and fireworks to entertain thousands of visitors on the banks of the Elbe.


From the 23th of June to the 8th of July Cologne Pride takes place. Among other activities to defend the rights of the LGBTI community, it brings the CSD-Straßenfest to the center of the city and the CSD parade.


On the 28th of June the JazzSession, a free musical event sponsored by the city of Gottingen and organized by the renowned jazz musician Bernd Nawothni, will take place in Gottingen.

Poster of the 38th Montpellier Danse


The Montpellier Danse festival is one of the most important events of the cultural calendar of Montpellier you can enjoy this week. This festival is the annual meeting of the most important international choreographers and it brings together more than 300 dance companies for 10 days.


On the 27th of June the Spectacle de Light Painting Architectures Sacrées will take place in the Ostal d’Occitania. While Gildas Malassinet paints and writes with light on the Sacred Architecture of Occitania and Persia, Sevan Arevian plays profound and quiet music. Moreover, in order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the incorporation of the Basilica of Saint-Sernin and the Hôtel-Dieu Saint-Jacques to the UNESCO World Heritage List, as part of the “Chemins de Saint-Jacques de Compostelle en France”, there will also be special concerts. Furthermore, you cannot miss the Toucouleurs 2018, the 14th Marathon des mots, the International Literature Festival of Toulouse Métropole or the 17th Festival Ravensare, which offers dance, music and visual art performances for three days.


Thanks to the Estate Sforzesca, this week you will be able to enjoy dance performances, concerts and theatre plays for free or at a very affordable price: Disequilibri circensi, Orchestra Carisch, The Little Prince, Rock Symphony, Civica Orchestra di Fiati di Milano, Edda + Giorgio Canali or the Soundtrack Symphony. Other cultural plans you might be interested in are the concerts of the I Pomeriggi alle Stelline or the Milanesiana 2018 festival of literature, music, films, science, philosophy, theatre, law and arts.


This week the presentation of the book The Italian Garden: Restoring a Renaissance Garden in Tuscany will take place in Florence. The book describes how the Palazzo Vaj, the campus of the University of Monasch in Prato, was restored by Paul Bangay. The second edition of the Festival au Désert de Florencia, a project which has created a network of contemporary musical creations between Africa, the Mediterranean and Europe since 2010, will also take place. Other summer plans you can enjoy include the Summer Nights in the Teatro del Cielo of Arcetri, offering scientific conferences focusing on astronomy, or the opening of the L’Off Bar in the Lago dei Cingi.

Estate Sforzesca 2018, Milan

Estate Sforzesca 2018, Milan | Photo: Giovanni Daniotti


This week Venice celebrates the Festivities of San Piero de Casteo. This is a popular celebration that has reinvented itself and grown through the years, while being faithful to the tradition to such an extent that people consider it “the party of Venice”.


The International Festival of Culture “Ebraica” comes to Rome with its 11th edition for five days of activities for all tastes such as debates, cultural acts, marathons, music, theatre, food tasting experiences and literary meetings. This week the city also offers outdoor summer activities such as the Summer Festival of the Accademia Filarmonica Romana, with more than 30 events of different music genres, the film festival CALEIDOSCOPIO in Villa Borghese, or the 20th edition of the Movie Nights in the Piazza Vittorio, featuring two big cinema screens and two films shown every evening, plus cultural events and sport activities.

TANDEM International cities: Spain and Chile


Espacio Flamenco a los pies de la Alhambra is an excellent opportunity to connect with two of the cultural symbols of Granada: flamenco music and the Alhambra. You might also enjoy the 67th International Festival of Music and Dance of Granada, a classic in the city which originated from symphonic concerts. If you love music, but your taste is more contemporary, then you will find a perfect plan in Granada Distrito Sonoro, which will carry the music of the Spanish group “Niños Mutantes” to the Paseo del Salón Boulevard in Granada.

San Sebastián

Sagardo Tour, la Ruta de la Sidra Vasca proposes a whole culinary and cultural experience, with activities such as visiting real Basque cider houses, farmhouses and rural areas, and tasting natural Basque cider both bottled and by the “Txotx” ritual, drinking it straight from the barrel. Moreover, the Festivities of San Juan del Barrio del Antiguo de San Sebastián-Donostia are celebrated and also the Mercadabadillo, a second-hand market that moves to the Kursaal terraces in a very special summer edition. If you are into exhibitions, then the guided tour to the CESPEDOSA exhibit, which closes this week, might be a good idea for you.


While the Solsticio Danza in Conde Duque proposes an approach to dance, photography and art lovers will find a good plan in PhotoESPAÑA, with different exhibitions spread around the whole city along with some additional activities. Furthermore, the activities of the proposes an approach to dance, photography and art lovers will find a good plan in Veranos de La Villa start soon, with the most complete summer cultural program in Madrid. Moreover, Pride Madrid starts its engines for next week, when the main activities such as the parade and the pride proclamation take place.

Santiago (Chile)

Don’t miss the last projects of the Ciclo de Cine Santiago Originario, organized by the Office of the Indigenous People of Santiago and the Chilean Museum of Pre-Columbian Art in order to celebrate the Month of the Native People and take part in the Recorridos Centro Alegre. This is a free activity in the Centro Cultural la Moneda inviting you to discover and create stories, play and have fun in the civic center of Santiago.

Veramos de La Villa 2017 in the Plaza Mayor

Veranos de La Villa 2017 dans la Plaza Mayor par Diario de Madrid[CC BY 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

If these ideas are not enough to inspire you, and you are eager to discover more plans to fully benefit from the cities of Berlin, Bielefeld, Bremen, Cologne, Florence, Frankfurt, Granada, Hamburg, Göttingen, Madrid, Milan, Montpellier, Munich, Rome, Toulouse, Santiago (Chile), San Sebastian and Venice, do not hesitate to contact the TANDEM team. They will give you advice and recommend the best plans to enjoy in your TANDEM city.

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