What is going on at Tandem?

Language learning combined with out of the ordinary activities – Spanish in Madrid!

If you never leave a museum unvisited when exploring a new city, you will find that TANDEM Madrid Spanish School has organized a Spanish language course which is ideal for those with a passion for art.

Madrid is one of the world’s great cultural centres, and TANDEM Madrid proposes a program where you can enjoy some of the specific and not always well-known aspects of our great museums.

With the Spanish and Passion for Art program, you will visit 3 of the finest museums in the world: Museo Thyssen, the Prado and Reina Sofía, centre points of the “Paseo del Arte” (Art walk) very near the TANDEM Madrid school.

Other Spanish courses in Madrid with out of the ordinary activities!

TANDEM Madrid – International Language School

C/ Marqués de Cubas, 8 – 28014 Madrid, Spain
Phone: + 34 915322715 – Fax: + 34 915224539
Enquiries & Enrolments: spanishcourses@tandem-madrid.com
Office hours: Monday – Friday 09.00am – 14.00pm / 17.00pm – 20.00pm
Saturday 11.00am – 13.30pm

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