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Spanish course programme 2016 at our TANDEM school in Granada, Spain!

Our TANDEM school in Granada is starting 2016 with a new variety of course offerings. Adding completely new courses such as Learning Spanish at a teacher’s home, but also new course combinations such as Au Pair & Spanish, and Spanish and Salsa. Besides expanding  their curriculum, Escuela Montalbán will also offer exciting new activities.

Do you enjoy nature, animals, mountain sports? Are you interested in ecology, political and social issues? Then Spanish at a teacher’s home is the right program for you. You will live and follow classes in the immediate vicinity of the Sierra Nevada National Park, allowing you to learn Spanish while at the same time being able to appreciate the beautiful scenery around you.

Are you adventurous? Do you want to totally immerse yourself in a different culture? Do you want to learn the Spanish language as fast as possible? Then the Au Pair & Spanish program is right for you!! Here you will get the opportunity to function within a Spanish family while also learning Spanish at the school, allowing you to learn at a rapid speed.

Are you interested in exotic dances? Do you want to interact with the natives? Then Spanish & Salsa is what you need! Escuela Montalban has already been offering Spanish & Tango and Spanish & Flamenco for some time, but in 2016 they will add Spanish & Salsa to this list as well. With this program you will follow Spanish classes during the day, and Salsa classes as night.


Besides the weekend trip to Marocco, Escuela Montalbán will now be offering other weekend activities to make your language vacation even more fun.

One of these activities is a weekend trip to the Alpujaras where you will visit the small white villages which were the last stronghold of the Spanish Muslims. These villages have a similar architectural design as the berber tribes in Northern Africa. This combined with the Sierra Nevada on one side, and the Mediterranean sea on the other makes for spectacular hikes.


Another activity that has been added to the list is a weekend of diving in the Cabo de Gata. This area is known for how transparent and clean the water is, making scuba diving here an unforgettable experience. This place is perfect for every type of diver as it offers dives for all levels.

Download here the Course Programme 2016


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