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Learn Spanish in Northern Spain with TANDEM San Sebastian

Although is still little known to most international students, the city of San Sebastian (Basque Country) is a great destination to learn Spanish in Spain. Located in the north of the country, it is a beautiful city with an active cultural life where you can also swim on the beach or lose yourself in the mountains.

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So, if nature, surfing, and good food are your things, San Sebastian is your ideal city for a Spanish course. The famous Concha beach, the Peine del Viento (open-air sculptures located at the end of the Ondarreta beach), the Miramar Palace, the Buen Pastor Cathedral, the San Sebastian Town Hall building or its old town… many are the charms of San Sebastian that you will discover on your journey to learn Spanish with TANDEM.

If you are also lucky enough that your visit coincides with the San Sebastian Jazz Festival, also known as Jazzaldia (in September), the Semana Grande San Sebastian (a week of festivities) in August, or the San Sebastian International Film Festival in September, you will see first hand the life of this city full of culture and delicious food.

Because, besides offering visitors all kinds of leisure plans, San Sebastian is also a landmark in gastronomy. A whole crew of chefs and one of the places in Spain with most Michelin stars (quality accreditation for restaurants) that is known worldwide for its pintxos, small tapas the size of a bite served by the bars and taverns of the city which are usually accompanied by a Basque wine called txakoli.

To make this linguistic adventure in Spain even more satisfying, TANDEM San Sebastian offers a complete range of Spanish courses which, in addition to covering all learning needs (from those who have never studied Spanish to those who have an advanced level of the language), promote integration with the local culture and the people who live in San Sebastian.

All students at the school, which is accredited by the Instituto Cervantes (Spain’s leading institution for the teaching of Spanish), receive a customized education, in groups of no more than 8 students, and fully adapted to their knowledge and academic goals.

The learning spaces are carefully designed, with classrooms that take into account the feng shui philosophy and color to stimulate students in their Spanish courses and improve their academic achievements.

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As for the location of the facilities, with fully equipped classrooms, computer room and free Internet access throughout the school, they are located in the Gros neighborhood. A privileged location at a short distance from Zurriola beach and only at a walk away from the old part of San Sebastian, a perfect place to go eat some pintxos.

To make the experience of learning Spanish in the Basque Country completely unforgettable, when you finish your classes you will be able to join the cultural events organized by TANDEM San Sebastian.

These activities are designed so that international students can discover their new city and meet other Spanish students and residents of San Sebastian with whom they can continue to speak Spanish.

Find your ideal Spanish course at TANDEM San Sebastian!

At TANDEM San Sebastian you will find Spanish courses for all tastes: intensive, combined, individual or Spanish classes + cultural, gastronomic and sports experiences.

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