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  • Spanish and Arabic Culture in Granada

Spanish and Arabic Culture in Granada

Our member school Escuela Montalbán – TANDEM Granada  offers a new private Spanish programme for advanced levels related to Arabic history, art and culture in Granada!

As the last city to be returned to the Christian conquistadors after several hundred centuries of Muslim ruling, Granada still bears evidence to its Arabic influence to this day. The Alhambra Palace was built during the Moorish reign in the 15th century, and still stands proud and majestic on the hills of Granada.

Other signs of Arabic influence can be seen in the Albaicín. Perched on a hilltop it consists of steep cobblestoned paths and white-washed houses. Arabic teahouses and Moroccan shops line the narrow street that leads up to the hilltop.

Students participate in a 1 week Spanish course during the mornimgings. In the afternoons they visit the Alhambra, the old Arabic quarter Albaicín and the Arabic bath. The tour guide will complement the guided visits with daily workshops about Arabic art, music and cooking.

For further informationm visit the programm on the Escuela Montalbán school website!
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