Information about art and cultural activities in all TANDEM International schools. Guided visits to local museums and exhibitions allow students to learn more about art, literature, painting, sculpture and architecture.

Art history courses with Centro Machiavelli in Florence

Centro Machiavelli in Florence offers a great variety of art history courses as a complement to the Italian courses. The journey through the history of art is designed as a lecture, enlivened by slide shows, literature and theme related city tours and discovery visits with art works on site. For students who meet for the first [...]

Language learning combined with out of the ordinary activities – Italian in Venice, Italy!

If you love art, now you can appreciate the masterpieces of the greatest Venetian artists in painting, sculpture and architecture from the middle-ages to the contemporary age while you improve your Italian skills at Istituto Venezia – TANDEM Venice. The Italian and Art course in Venice is guaranteed to be a memorable experience! You [...]

Language learning combined with out of the ordinary activities – Spanish in Madrid!

If you never leave a museum unvisited when exploring a new city, you will find that TANDEM Madrid Spanish School has organized a Spanish language course which is ideal for those with a passion for art. Madrid is one of the world’s great cultural centres, and TANDEM Madrid proposes a program where you can enjoy [...]

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