Information about learning Italian in Florence, introduction of Centro Machiavelli including courses, cultural activities and student interview. Local and international events in Florence, Italy.

Dream Project: Erasmus Plus in Florence, Italy

Centro Machiavelli has been involved in language learning since 1978. We have been organizing Italian language and culture courses for 40 years and this year we are celebrating the 40th year of non-stop activity. Our students come from all over the world and have different objectives: [...]

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Centro Machiavelli – Students Reviews

I cannot tell you how amazing this school is. If you want to learn italian in a short time, this is where you need to go. I wanted to improve my italian, since I start university this year and one of my subjects is italian and I still cannot believe how much I've learned in this past few weeks. The teachers as well as the whole atmosphere were just amazing. I had the pleasure to work with Elleny and she seriously is the nicest and most dedicated teacher I know. She always made sure that every single one of us could follow her, even if she had to explain things three, four or even ten times. You could see that she really loves what she does and that for me is what makes a good teacher.

CILS (Certificazione di Italiano come Lingua Straniera)

CILS is a certification of Italian-language abilities for non-native speakers. It is useful to those who study Italian, who work and study within an Italian context, and to those who want to evaluate their knowledge of Italian. All foreigners and all Italian citizens living abroad can take the CILS examination. There are no limits in [...]

Art history courses with Centro Machiavelli in Florence

Centro Machiavelli in Florence offers a great variety of art history courses as a complement to the Italian courses. The journey through the history of art is designed as a lecture, enlivened by slide shows, literature and theme related city tours and discovery visits with art works on site. For students who meet for the first [...]

We meet Rossella Bianchi, one of the managers of our TANDEM member school Centro Machiavelli in Florence

How did 2014 go for you, and how did it compare to previous years? It was very good! In term of numbers of students:  increasing not only for the language courses but for all programs offered. The numbers (for all our programs) are in net growth, about 15% more per month, compared to the last two [...]

Italian courses and cultural activities at Centro Machiavelli, Florence

Learning a new foreign language also means learning about a different culture and way of life. As a complement to the Italian courses the language school offers a daily cultural programme all year round. Have a look at the cultural activities during the course week 08.06. to 13.06.2015! Monday, 08.06.2015 09.00-17.10 h Italian courses for [...]

TANDEM International meeting in Florence!

The TANDEM International meeting 2015 was held in Florence, Italy. Our member school Centro Machiavelli in Florence organized the TANDEM International meeting from 22.05. to 23.05.2015. TANDEM member schools from Germany, Spain and France joined the meeting. There were plenary session regarding the following topics: 1. Objectives for 2015-2017: Quality - Networking - Marketing 2. Action [...]

Italian language courses with Centro Machiavelli

Group and private courses at all levels, year round, morning and afternoon: The groups are small and this favours effective interaction in class and active involvement of students in excercises of linguistic production (simulation, role play, discussions on specific subjects, group work , games).  Collaborative learning is encouraged and lecturing is kept to a minimum [...]

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