Information about Instituto Cervantes worldwide, and DELE and SIELE exams which are official Spanish diplomas certified by Instituto Cervantes.

Add value to your Spanish with the SIELE certificate!

SIELE (Servicio Internacional de Evaluación de la Lengua Española) is a new Spanish certificate which certifies online the command of the Spanish language proficiency for students and professionals from all.

Choosing a language school abroad III – Quality standards in Spain, Germany, and Italy

Inspection and recognition of quality standards for language schools Spanish schools in Spain The Spanish Instituto Cervantes is the main official institution granting quality certifications to Spanish language schools in Spain and abroad. The Instituto Cervantes carries out inspections and renews accreditation permits every two years to its accredited or associated centres. Some [...]

Día E at Instituto Cervantes Vienna & TANDEM Spain

Día E at Instituto Cervantes Viena & TANDEM Spain Last year, the Spanish Instituto Cervantes launched an interesting celebration aimed at increasing the visibility of the Spanish language throughout the world, and at revitalizing the value of Spanish as a language of international communication. The Día E or Día del Español is organized [...]

TANDEM Granada has passed once again the Instituto Cervantes’ inspection

The Instituto Cervantes network of accredited Spanish schools, created to promote the use of the Spanish language and guarantee effective, quality teaching of Spanish, is made up of centres which are expressly recognized as quality institutions by the Instituto Cervantes, through a joint agreement.   Every three years, the accredited schools undergo a [...]

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