Information about language travel. Travel to another country and immerse yourselves in its sounds and culture is a good way for learning a language.

Choosing a language school abroad II – Quality standards

Inspection and recognition of quality standards for language schools In my previous post I supported the small and medium-size language schools over the big, chain-type schools, as well as the small group classes with less than 15 students for language courses abroad. However, modest size does not necessarily imply modest quality. High quality [...]

Exposure, exposure and exposure when learning a foreign language!

According to a study, just listening to the language we want to learn is critical, even if we don’t understand the words yet. Apparently, our ability to learn a second language is directly influenced by our exposure to the combination of sounds with which words are constructed, as it sets up the structures required to [...]

The power of word-of-mouth in language travel

The power of word-of-mouth in language travel The power of word-of-mouth (recommendation by friends and family) is the most credible for language travellers. ( There are countless research studies, reports and books about the «power of word of mouth» at the moment of choosing a product or service. Well, the reason it’s quite [...]

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