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We meet Gerard Nadjar, one of the managers of Langue Onze – TANDEM Toulouse

1. How did 2014 go for you, and how did it compare to previous years? It was a year a bit better than 2013 with an increasing number of individual students. Students came all through the year: the turnover was a lot higher and better distributed over the year. 2. What developments do you expect [...]

French courses and cultural activities at Institut Européen de Français

Learning a new foreign language also means learning about a different culture and way of life. As a complement to the French courses the language school offers a daily cultural programme all year round.

With Langue Onze Toulouse, learn more than the French Language

For those who want to discover French culture and immerge themselves into the Toulousan and Southwest way of life, our French language school Langue Onze Toulouse offers in addition to the French courses an amazing cultural programme! Discover Toulouse, the beautiful 'Ville Rose' and the economically vibrant university town. Benefit from its jubilant atmosphere, its [...]

Apprendre le Français avec des films: 99 Francs

« 99 Francs » (Jan Kounen) Intéressant car c'est une adaptation d'un roman contemporain, très original dans sa structure, et qui parle de la société de consommation, un terme régulièrement abordé en classe. Ce film touche tout le monde, que ce soit positivement ou négativement. Apprendre le Français avec Langue Onze -TANDEM Toulouse

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Our member school TANDEM Montpellier in pictures!

Get an impression of our French language school located in Montpellier, France. For further information visit

Langue Onze Toulouse: Visit our new website with a more attractive, efficient and dynamic interface!

A simplified menu system allowing people access to more relevant information A ‘French courses’ section with a more detailed explanation of the wide range of options offered and a system to briefly compare them An overview of the different types of accommodation Get full details by selecting any one of them! A new ‘Cultural program’ [...]

What are we planning for 2015?

Our French language school in Toulouse will launch a new website at the end of January 2015. We will also provide a more detailed French courses offer, a cultural agenda with activities not to be missed, practical information to live in France, French students testimonies and more services to make your French linguistic stay in [...]

Join our course programme and learn French with us! General and specific French courses all year round One-to-one lessons with qualified teachers Teacher training courses Internship experience Junior programmes and group stays Preparation for all official exams To complete your immersion in French culture sign up for the excursions and other thematic workshops offered all year round! DISCOVER , TASTE , ENJOY … [...]

French & Cooking in Toulouse, France

Our member school Langue Onze - TANDEM Toulouse offers combined language and cooking courses. In the French Intensive courses, students will deepen their knowledge in all skill areas of the language. In the cooking workshops (1 to 2 hours), students learn to how interpret recipes in preparing classic and creative dishes “à la Française”, hands-on [...]

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