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TANDEM Rome: the ‘Torre di Babele’ to learn Italian

Photo by Image Studio According to the Biblical story in Genesis, from the famous Tower of Babel ("Torre di Babele" in Italian), different languages emerged and then were dispersed throughout the world. For centuries, linguistic differences were a substantial reason for the separation amongst different peoples of the world. Therefore, learning languages is one of [...]

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Dream Project: Erasmus Plus in Florence, Italy

Centro Machiavelli has been involved in language learning since 1978. We have been organizing Italian language and culture courses for 40 years and this year we are celebrating the 40th year of non-stop activity. Our students come from all over the world and have different objectives: [...]

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Il Centro di Lingua e Cultura Italiana – Tandem Milan

Established in 1986, Il Centro di Lingua e Cultura Italiana is one of the oldest Italian language schools in Milan and is a founding member of the ASILS (Association of Italian Language Schools). We have led the way in Italian language instruction, providing quality instruction to tens of thousands of foreign students. Founded by long-time [...]

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Riviera under Candlelight

The event returns to liven up the squares, libraries, villas and parks of Riviera del Brenta. It was founded in 2010 as an idea of a group of local entrepreneurs to lengthen the tourist seasons by offering original and suggestive opportunities to experience the emotional experiences brought on by the natural light of candles, an element that is characteristic of both a romantic atmosphere, and also of the times past, when these Villas were built.

Summer courses with TANDEM International

Summer courses with TANDEM International. Learn German, French, Italian and Spanish

Learn Italian in Italy

Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and worldwide. It offers both the natural beauty of the countryside and the richness of urban settings. There you have a chance to enjoy the sea, the mountains and the cities, all within easy reach. Moreover, Italy's dreamy light and spectacular landscapes seem made for romance, and its three millennia of history, culture and cuisine seduce every visitor. Finally, Italy has long been a fertile center of artistic and intellectual achievement. From art to science, literature to cinema and music, the influence of Italian culture has been spread throughout Europe.

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Between calli and campielli… mysterious words from Venice

n Venice “streets” don’t exist and there’s only one square and two avenues! Finding your own way in Venice isn’t child’s play. Just having a great sense of direction isn’t enough; in Venice the moment will come when you have to ask for information. In these moments you will have to pay attention to some fundamental words: calle, campo, rio, ruga, and nizioleto.

Learn Italian in Milan at Il Centro – What their students say!

Il Centro students share their experiences! What they liked and how the school helped them in learning and improving Italian language in Milan

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