Articles and resources for those who want to learn Italian at home or in one of our schools in Italy. Including Italian culture and festivals, online tips and resources, and also information about Italian courses.

ROME: a great city to learn Italian at our TANDEM school

Roma, Rome, the City of seven hills, Caput Mundi (head of the world) - whatever you call it, one thing is for sure, Rome's beauty overtakes all who enter its ancient walls.  With 300.00 habitants we can say that it is an enriched city! With a nice sunny climate, and an unparalleled wealth of history [...]

Teaching languages through “movie a cura di Cristiano Sanna”

Teaching languages through Movie Making (TLMM) è un metodo di insegnamento linguistico basato sulla creazione da parte degli studenti di un cortometraggio. Ha vinto l'European Label for the Languages nel 2010 e, nel contesto del programma europeo LLP, è stato portato avanti grazie al progetto finanziato con fondi Leonardo “CiLL, Creativity in Language Learning” e [...]

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We love Milan from USA!

Milano sta vivendo un grande momento per il commercio italiano, ma anche per la sua immagine di fiore all’occhiello dell’Italia agli occhi del mondo intero. La capitale lombarda ha ospitato Expo 2015, il cui tema è stato l’importanza della nutrizione e del cibo, oltre che della sana alimentazione per un vivere altamente qualificato. Non sapevamo, [...]

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CILS (Certificazione di Italiano come Lingua Straniera)

CILS is a certification of Italian-language abilities for non-native speakers. It is useful to those who study Italian, who work and study within an Italian context, and to those who want to evaluate their knowledge of Italian. All foreigners and all Italian citizens living abroad can take the CILS examination. There are no limits in [...]

Istituto Venezia offers Italian courses in Triest

Our partner school Istituto Venezia also offer Italian intensive courses in Triest. The course consists of 4 lessons in the morning, split between two teachers, every day from Monday until Friday. The maximum group size is limited to 12 participants. The course lasts for 4 weeks (80 hours) and includes the teaching curriculum for the following language levels: [...]

Interactive Italian lessons via Skype with Il Centro Milano

Our partner school Il Centro in Milan offers students different types of Italian language courses. They also have the possibility to learn Italian even when they can’t come to Milan. They have created a special course called “Interactive Italian lessons via Skype”. You can choose if you would like to start with a one hour lesson or [...]

Art history courses with Centro Machiavelli in Florence

Centro Machiavelli in Florence offers a great variety of art history courses as a complement to the Italian courses. The journey through the history of art is designed as a lecture, enlivened by slide shows, literature and theme related city tours and discovery visits with art works on site. For students who meet for the first [...]

We meet Rossella Bianchi, one of the managers of our TANDEM member school Centro Machiavelli in Florence

How did 2014 go for you, and how did it compare to previous years? It was very good! In term of numbers of students:  increasing not only for the language courses but for all programs offered. The numbers (for all our programs) are in net growth, about 15% more per month, compared to the last two [...]

Italian courses and cultural activities at Torre di Babele – TANDEM Rome

Rome is a modern and lively metropolis offering a vast range of sights and entertainment to delight its visitors, in addition,of course, to the beauty and variety of the monuments for which it is famous throughout the world. In fact, the possibilities for enjoying its beauty, history and lifestyle are truly infinite, while its mild climate makes it possible to visit and appreciate the city at any time of the year.

Italian courses and cultural activities at Centro Machiavelli, Florence

Learning a new foreign language also means learning about a different culture and way of life. As a complement to the Italian courses the language school offers a daily cultural programme all year round. Have a look at the cultural activities during the course week 08.06. to 13.06.2015! Monday, 08.06.2015 09.00-17.10 h Italian courses for [...]

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