Articles and reports for people who want to learn languages (French, Italian, Spanish and German) abroad. Information about language sharing and teaching, and advantages of learning languages.

TANDEM Berlin, a good starting point for learning German

In order to learn a language, it is essential not only to study it but to put it into practice as much as possible. Of all the possible options, language courses abroad are the most advisable option, especially in cases such as German, a language that has the reputation of being complicated. [...]

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TANDEM Rome: the ‘Torre di Babele’ to learn Italian

Photo by Image Studio According to the Biblical story in Genesis, from the famous Tower of Babel ("Torre di Babele" in Italian), different languages emerged and then were dispersed throughout the world. For centuries, linguistic differences were a substantial reason for the separation amongst different peoples of the world. Therefore, learning languages is one of [...]

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Frankfurt Christmas Market: Mon 27 November – Fri 22 December 2017

In terms of visitor numbers and size, the Frankfurt Christmas Market is one of the largest Christmas markets in all of Germany. The elaborate and creative stand decorations, the scenic surroundings on the Römerberg and St Paul's Square and the huge Christmas tree combine to also make it one of Germany's most beautiful.

Escape Room experience in Hamburg, Let’s save the president! – TANDEM International

On a Friday night, a handful of language teachers decided to go to an escape room. You have never heard about that? An escape room is an adventure game in which players are locked in a room to solve a series of puzzles and escape within a set time limit. This is said to improve team working and communication skills. We wanted to try it!

TANDEM Hamburg proudly presents: Das AZAV-Zertifikat

TANDEM Hamburg e.V. ist seit 01.02.2016 nach AZAV zertifiziert; das heißt die Schule verpflichtet sich nun auch nachprüfbar zur Einhaltung strenger Qualitätsmaßstäbe. Nach dieser Trägerzertifizierung bietet die Schule auch künftig geförderte Bildungsmaßnahmen an.

Teacher training, supported by Erasmus+

Our teachers make language learning an exciting experience and guarantee that the learning process in our German and foreign language courses is efficient and fun. On top of this, we continue to develop our skills; we keep improving through the expertise we gain from participating in Lifelong Learning Projects funded by the EU and further [...]

Interview with Henning Pruess, director of TANDEM Hamburg

1. How did 2015 go for you, and how did it compare to previous years? The year 2015 was a very good year here in Hamburg. We had more students than the years before, and they came from a great variety of foreign countries. 2. What developments do you expect in 2016? I can already [...]

TANDEM schools are course providers for Erasmus+ grants

In 2014 the former Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) has been replaced by the new European Education Programme Erasmus+. Participants from EU member states, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Macedonia and Turkey can apply for Erasmus+ funding. Erasmus KA1 Mobility grants promote the mobility of individuals. Language courses at TANDEM schools are aimed at European teachers and other [...]

Langue Onze Toulouse: Visit our new website with a more attractive, efficient and dynamic interface!

A simplified menu system allowing people access to more relevant information A ‘French courses’ section with a more detailed explanation of the wide range of options offered and a system to briefly compare them An overview of the different types of accommodation Get full details by selecting any one of them! A new ‘Cultural program’ [...]

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