Information about Madrid, and learning Spanish in TANDEM Madrid in Madrid, Spain. Culture, leisure activities, local and international events in the city.

Cidadão do Mundo: Annual Group of Brazilian students at TANDEM Madrid

Learn about this program of scholarships for foreign language learning abroad awarded by the Brazilian government to brilliant young people with limited economic resources.

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Add value to your Spanish with the SIELE certificate!

SIELE (Servicio Internacional de Evaluación de la Lengua Española) is a new Spanish certificate which certifies online the command of the Spanish language proficiency for students and professionals from all.

Workshop at TANDEM Madrid: Cultural difference YOURS vs. SPANISH

Studying and living should be an experience to never forget!  Is it always easy and normal to adapt to a culture that is not yours? Is it possible to shift automatically to the new culture’s beliefs, behaviours and communication styles? Cultural norms, values and beliefs do not always come along with our cultural perspectives. Only learning the language of the country is not enough to understand the culture itself.

Learn Spanish at our TANDEM school in Madrid in 2016

For the year of 2016, TANDEM Madrid has big plans when it comes to their programs, adding new courses to personalized teaching, Spanish for families, D.E.L.E. preparation, group classes, teacher training courses, and summer junior programs. The “Superlearning Spanish” course will be added to the curriculum as a new form of personalized teaching. This One-on-One [...]

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Learn Spanish in Madrid combined with interesting leisure activities!

Do you want to learn Spanish as well as do interesting leisure activities? Then Madrid is the place for you! A classic choice is a boat trip with your friends in the Retiro Park. Even with the bike it is fun to explore the park. You'll pass many fountains and will also see the urban [...]

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We meet Begoña Llovet, director of TANDEM Madrid!

How did 2014 go for you, and how did it compare to previous years? TANDEM Madrid was doing a very good marketing work in 2014: producing interesting visual materials, creating a new webpage, introducing new languages in our materials and innovating in our didactic work. Today there are a lot of Spanish schools in [...]


Here you will find more information about the structure and the duration regarding the differents parts of the official D.E.L.E. Exams (Diplomas de español como lengua extranjera). The next exam date is the 17.07.2015 in Spain. Students can sit the exams at our member schools TANDEM Madrid, TANDEM San Sebastián or at Escuela Montalbán - TANDEM Granada. [...]

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