Information about Milan, and learning Italian in Il Centro in Milan, Italy. Culture, leisure activities, local and international events in the city.

Il Centro di Lingua e Cultura Italiana – Tandem Milan

Established in 1986, Il Centro di Lingua e Cultura Italiana is one of the oldest Italian language schools in Milan and is a founding member of the ASILS (Association of Italian Language Schools). We have led the way in Italian language instruction, providing quality instruction to tens of thousands of foreign students. Founded by long-time [...]

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Learn Italian in Milan at Il Centro – What their students say!

Il Centro students share their experiences! What they liked and how the school helped them in learning and improving Italian language in Milan

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We love Milan from USA!

Milano sta vivendo un grande momento per il commercio italiano, ma anche per la sua immagine di fiore all’occhiello dell’Italia agli occhi del mondo intero. La capitale lombarda ha ospitato Expo 2015, il cui tema è stato l’importanza della nutrizione e del cibo, oltre che della sana alimentazione per un vivere altamente qualificato. Non sapevamo, [...]

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Interactive Italian lessons via Skype with Il Centro Milano

Our partner school Il Centro in Milan offers students different types of Italian language courses. They also have the possibility to learn Italian even when they can’t come to Milan. They have created a special course called “Interactive Italian lessons via Skype”. You can choose if you would like to start with a one hour lesson or [...]

Italian courses and cultural activities at Il Centro – Italian School for Foreigners in Milan

Every month Il Centro-Italian School for Foreigners in Milan organizes extracurricular activities and special cultural weeks for its students, as opportunities to improve their knowledge of culture and Italian language while having fun! Have a look at the cultural activities during the course week 25.05. to 30.05.2015!

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We meet Enrica Cavo, director and owner of IL CENTRO – TANDEM Milan

How did 2014 go for you, and how did it compare to previous years? 2014 was a good year and more positive than the previous ones. What developments do you expect in 2015? This year Milan primarily means World Expo 2015 and we are looking forward to the new challenges to overcome, getting better and [...]

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The most popular Italian courses at Il Centro– TANDEM Milan

GENERAL ITALIAN COURSES Intensive Standard courses at Il Centro in Milan - With a  cozy atmosphere,  Il Centro is  your   Italian language school in the heart of Milan. Make  yourself at  home! Choose our Intensive courses: 2 or 4 hrs a day from Monday to Friday. Check out our 2015 dates & prices here: [...]

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Milan World Expo 2015

World Expo 2015 - Milan is worldwide recognised as the economic capital of Italy, but Milan is also the city of art, design, culture, music and fashion. Historical buildings, masterpieces of Italian and International art, live music venues, small art-house cinemas: this is Milan with its spirit of initiative that also plays a role both [...]

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