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Flamenco at the Alhambra in Granada: “Poeta en Nueva York”

The dancer and choreographer Rafael Amargo transformed one of the most essential poems of Federico García Lorca into a work of dance. He created the choreography for one of the most innovative flamenco shows of nowadays. Its main characteristic is unquestionably the fusion of both music and dance, of pure flamenco with contemporary trends such as Jazz and Latin music. This hybrid character –fusion– went on to become a constant feature of subsequent flamenco shows. Amargo went even further when he gave his work an audiovisual montage created by the filmmaker Juan Esterlich to complement the dance performance. The show won several prizes, including particularly the Max Prize for Scenic Arts for the best performance by Rafael Amargo.

We meet Begoña Llovet, director of TANDEM Madrid!

How did 2014 go for you, and how did it compare to previous years? TANDEM Madrid was doing a very good marketing work in 2014: producing interesting visual materials, creating a new webpage, introducing new languages in our materials and innovating in our didactic work. Today there are a lot of Spanish schools in [...]


Here you will find more information about the structure and the duration regarding the differents parts of the official D.E.L.E. Exams (Diplomas de español como lengua extranjera). The next exam date is the 17.07.2015 in Spain. Students can sit the exams at our member schools TANDEM Madrid, TANDEM San Sebastián or at Escuela Montalbán - TANDEM Granada. [...]

Spanish courses and cultural activities at Escuela Montalbán – TANDEM Granada!

Learning a new foreign language also means learning about a different culture and way of life. As a complement to the Spanish courses the language school offers a daily cultural programme all year round.

NEW COURSE OFFER: Spanish & Salsa in Granada!

Our partner school Escuela Montalbán - TANDEM Granada is going to offer Salsa workshops in addition to the Spanish language courses at the school. The Salsa lessons are organized in collaboration with a local dance studio. So you can dance Salsa during your language holiday, meet locals, make new friends and improve your Spanish while going out. [...]

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We meet Margret Fortmann, one of the managers of Escuela Montalbán – TANDEM Granada

How did 2014 go for you, and how did it compare to previous years? We had to work harder to get students. We are increasing our marketing efforts in all areas, specially in social marketing and we are seeing results. It was a challenging year as there are so many new competitors in our market. [...]

Our member school TANDEM San Sebastián in pictures!

Get an impression of our Spanish language school located in beautiful San Sebastián, Northern Spain. For further information visit

Escuela Montalbán – TANDEM Granada: Spanish at a teacher’s home

You learn Spanish at our teacher’s home and you live in the immediate vicinity of the Sierra Nevada National Park. Enjoy a fantastic natural scenery and at the same time explore Granada during your language holiday. My Name is José. I have been teaching Spanish as a foreign language for all levels over  more [...]

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