Information about learning Spanish in Santiago, introduction of TANDEM Santiago including courses, cultural activities and student interview. Local and international events in Santiago, Chile.

Welcome to Chile

Article by Alexandra Polič Chile is special, in a wonderfully charming way. It is quite easy to fall in love with this country and its people. That is why I decided to stay in Santiago de Chile after eight months of traveling. But even after almost a year in South America, there is still [...]

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Learn Spanish in Santiago de Chile – a Trendy Destination!

One of the first questions we ask when contemplating studying Spanish abroad is: Where am I going to take my Spanish courses? There are so many options: Buenos Aires, Madrid, Mexico City, Lima, Bogotá, Quito, Montevideo... but the truth is that today, one of the best destinations for language holidays is the city of Santiago [...]

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Important School news – TANDEM Santiago

Every year LanguageCourse.Net – one of our important agents – requests evaluations from more than a thousand language course students worldwide in order to honor language schools which provide outstanding services to their clients. As a result of these evaluations LanguageCourse.Net presents an annual Excellence Award to those language schools, which receive the highest customer satisfaction ratings worldwide.

Our school of the month: TANDEM Santiago de Chile

TANDEM Santiago was founded in 1992 as Escuela de Idiomas Violeta Parra. Since 1996 the Spanish school is called TANDEM Santiago. Our member school is situated in a beautiful old mansion, built in the beginning of the 20th century, in Providencia - the modern part of Santiago de Chile.

We meet Stefan Meffert, the manager of our member school TANDEM Santiago de Chile

Chile as the most secure and politically stable destination in South America has become a very interesting alternative for studying Spanish. Tourism to Chile is increasing every year and the fact that our seasons are inverse to the seasons in North America and Europe makes it interesting for those travelers who want to go skiing in the northern summer as for those who are looking for sun in the northern hemispheres winter.

Our member school TANDEM Santiago de Chile in pictures!

Get an impression of our Spanish language school located in Santiago de Chile. For further information visit

The TANDEM Santiago Spanish school is now in Providencia!

The TANDEM Santiago Spanish School, Violeta Parra, has moved to Providencia, one of the most interesting neighbourhoods in Santiago de Chile! Providencia is a favourite of international students, as residential quarters are nicely combined with commercial areas. Also, the Providencia International Jazz Festival, carried out in January every year, is among the cultural highlights [...]

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