Enjoy Spanish course and dance Tango at Escuela Montalban in Granada; Information about international Tango Festival of Granada.

Learn Spanish and dance Tango in Granada!

Today Tango is one of the most popular types of dances in the world. While a century ago, Tango was a local dance practised by the poorer Latin American population, it is nowadays a complex and fiery dance. Our Spanish and Tango package allows participants to dance Tango in Granada, one of the most fascinating Spanish [...]

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Language learning combined with out of the ordinary activities – Spanish in Granada!

Ok, so you want to learn Spanish in Spain, but you are a restless spirit and want more than just your language lessons. You like dancing, cooking, or horse riding? Then, Escuela Montalbán – TANDEM Granada is the place to go. This Spanish school is always looking for interesting cultural and social activities to offer [...]

Spanish Course & International Tango Festival of Granada

In March 2010, the city of Granada turns into a tango stage from 9th to 14th for the 22nd Granada International Tango Festival. The tango, popular manifestation of contemporary urban culture all around the world, attracts world-wide professional and tango-lovers. In recent years, there has been an explosion of tango enthusiasts as well [...]

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