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The Benefits of TANDEM Language Exchange

Learning languages is like riding a bike: the first steps are the most difficult, but by practicing consistently, you learn to maintain your balance and advance on your own. And, as with the two-wheeled sport, if we share a tandem bicycle, we will be able to achieve greater advancement than pedaling alone.

The TANDEM language exchange will help you to put your knowledge into practice together with a native speaker who also wants to learn your mother tongue. If you meet regularly with your language partner, you will notice important advances in both your languages.

All TANDEM Language Schools offer these exchanges, which are registered trademarks of TANDEM International, and also our hallmark.

Get to know the many benefits a TANDEM language exchange can bring when learning a new language!

1. Make friends and socialize

One of the main advantages of language exchanges is meeting people from different cultures with whom you can enjoy your free time. So, in addition to speaking to them in the language you want to learn, you will have the opportunity to broaden your social circle, and make new friends.

Losing the fear of expressing yourself

2. Losing the fear of expressing yourself in another language

One of the fears of many people when learning other languages is conversation. The embarrassment of speaking in front of a native speaker and making mistakes in grammar, pronunciation or vocabulary is a major deterrent for many. With language exchanges, when everyone has to speak in another language, it is easier to let go and lose the shame.

3. The perfect complement to language classes

Although attending language courses to acquire basic knowledge of a language to reach minimum levels of listening, reading, verbal and written expression allowing initial communication is a good way to start, the most fun and effective complement is to consolidate what you learn in class with language exchanges.

4. A more fun way to learn

This is a more informal context outside the classroom where, in addition to speaking languages, we can do what you most like to do in our free time. This will be much more stimulating and will help gain confidence in speaking while having a good time.

5. You will learn the language used in the streets

Another advantage of language exchanges is they allow you to learn the language people speak. Instead of more formal versions, you will practice the more colloquial aspect, which will prepare you to better understand the expressions most often used by those who speak that language and are not usually explained in language courses.

A more fun way to learn

6. Improve your empathy and emotional intelligence

When it comes to language exchanges, we listen actively to understand what the other person is communicating and feeling; exercises improving our empathy and emotional intelligence. In addition, by talking to people from different cultures from our own, we can also broaden our view of the world and re-label stereotypes.

7. You dedicate the time you want or you have free-time

In contrast to classes, where there are specific timetables and specific hours reserved for learning, language exchanges give you much more flexibility, and allow you to perfectly reconcile your usual schedule of commitments with your free time.

You dedicate the time you want

8. You talk about the things that really interest you.

Another positive aspect of language exchanges is they allow you to talk about issues that concern you, or that you like to talk about in your mother tongue. In this way, you can acquire almost without realizing it, the vocabulary you will need for future conversations in that language.

9. Improve your self-esteem

Being able to understand and make ourselves understood in a language other than our mother tongue will improve our view of ourselves, and make us feel capable of achieving all our linguistic goals.

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