We are an association of private, independent language schools for German and Spanish. Our member schools are located in Germany, Spain and Chile.

Requirements for our members

All member schools must meet the association’s internal quality criteria. Our acceptance process for new schools ensures that their language teaching, cultural programme and other services meet our quality standards. To join our association, schools must also have a nationally or internationally recognised seal of excellence.

Benefits of membership

A prestigious association with a long history

Together with our member schools, we have been developing innovative new approaches to foreign language teaching since 1979. The association also requires its members to take on social responsibility, i.e. by voluntarily pursuing certain social and environmental goals as part of their everyday work that go above and beyond what is required by law.

TANDEM® Language Exchange

The term TANDEM® Language Exchange refers to a learning method offered at our schools in addition to language classes. Our schools can find you a local language partner who is learning your first language. This increases the effectiveness of language learning, promotes intercultural exchange and supports self-directed learning. The tandem method is our trademark.

Joint marketing

We offer you the opportunity to market your school through contact with the other member schools. You will also become a member of either the German or Spanish language group, which each develop and jointly fund shared marketing strategies. Our shared website and social media work are part of an active, lively community of schools. 

Growing together by sharing experience

In our association, every school plays an active part. This structure means that we can share information and experience and grow together.

Requirements for membership

Well-qualified language teachers

Teachers at TANDEM schools are native speakers with a university degree and long-standing experience in foreign language teaching. Our teams take part in regular training so that they can apply the latest teaching methods and principles in our language courses.

Good customer care and services

Our language schools value excellent customer service. They offer personalised assistance and respond to enquiries quickly and professionally.

Code of conduct

Our member schools are mostly registered associations or cooperatives. This means that many decisions on the running of the school are taken together as a team. The schools must ensure that all staff receive appropriate pay. Wages and working hours must comply with local law.

Promoting sustainable tourism

We support sustainable, environmentally and socially responsible tourism. This is where tourism creates vital employment opportunities, reinvigorates local crafts and traditions, builds understanding of other cultures and contributes to the preservation of natural landscapes. Every tourist can contribute to the development of the region they are visiting. We encourage our course participants to use public transport and choose green or recyclable products.

Social engagement and international solidarity

TANDEM Language Schools cooperate with social and cultural initiatives and environmental associations. This involves making donations, buying from non-profit organisations, actively supporting campaigns and projects, and choosing fair-trade products.


TANDEM schools are innovators. They are constantly developing new course offerings. Course participants can combine their language course with culture, online courses or preparation for official exams.

Application for membership and school visit

Two staff members from the association (often from two different schools) visit schools applying for membership and check the applicant’s management and administration, quality seals, marketing approaches, teaching and lesson plans, and accommodation service. They then produce a report and present it to our Board and either the German or Spanish language group.

If the school meets our requirements, all members vote on the new admission. Member schools pay an annual membership fee.


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