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“I teach you my language, you teach me yours” – TANDEM Language Exchange ®

What is the TANDEM Language Exchange?

TANDEM Language Exchange ® is a learning method registered by TANDEM International; it allows people of different cultures to practice and learn languages with alternate conversation between their respective native languages.

If you’ve been studying languages for a while, you’ve probably heard of this method. It is becoming more popular around the world. Perhaps you may have even participated in some language exchange.

TANDEM exchanges are more than an additional advantage you receive when studying in one of our schools; they are a part of what defines us as an institution. The word “tandem” means two people or things working in a coordinated way. As a network of humanistic schools, we believe in people as the main means of their own learning. We use the communicative method both inside and outside the classroom, so our students learn in a fun and effective way through their interaction with others.

How Language Exchanges work

What is the TANDEM Language Exchange

How does it work?

Unlike crowded exchange events (which we also organize sometimes), TANDEM exchanges establish a routine to practice your native language with another person who wants to teach you his/ her own language, for a longer period of time.

If you are a student in a TANDEM course, language exchanges are offered as part of your studies. If you are a native speaker in a TANDEM school city, we will put you in contact with our students, so you can practice your native language with them. We evaluate characteristics of each person to match compatible conversation partners.

Many people and companies, with or without connection to our network, use the name TANDEM to refer to this type of exchange. But only through TANDEM International schools will you be able to experience the original TANDEM language exchange method with the guarantee of didactic quality.


With over 5 million members, the Tandem app is the largest global community for language learners. Members of the community form one-on-one Tandem partnerships to teach each other their native languages for free via text, audio and video chat. Added features like message correction and in-app translations make it even easier for you to learn from your mistakes and extend your vocabulary. Choose from 150+ languages, connect with like-minded people and reach fluency in no time! Find out more at www.tandem.net


TANDEM language partner on Facebook

You can also find a language partner in the social networks. Become a member of our TANDEM language exchange group on Facebook!

What advantages does it have?

A perfect complement to your learning

TANDEM exchanges were conceived as a complement to classes in our schools. To learn a language properly, you have to speak it as much as possible. When you study in one of the TANDEM International schools, you enjoy all the benefits of a language immersion. With the language exchanges, you go even further.

Progress at your own pace

With our language exchanges you go beyond the daily rote practice of a language. You can personalize your learning to the maximum, with conversations about the topics that matter most to you, acquiring specific vocabulary for your needs and interests.

Safety and efficiency

You have the coordination of the school when it comes to matching conversation partners. Each school helps partners match their native language, age, personality, and interests, so you will always be practicing with a person who is compatible with you. Starting a tandem exchange on your own has drawbacks and risks you should consider.

You learn better and faster

Another factor that differentiates TANDEM exchanges from others is the didactic support we provide participants. To ensure meetings between TANDEM partners also plays a role in improving both their language levels; it is essential to provide them with guidance on how to use their languages correctly and with humor.

Friends for life

The most important thing about TANDEM Language Exchange is the friendly bond you create with your TANDEM partner (s), and your shared times together. You can even continue to practice languages with them at a distance after your stay in one of our schools.
It is certainly the best way to learn, connect, and engage with foreign languages in a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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