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Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy is a mix of history, art, architecture and gastronomy; there is no doubt it is a magical city. The gondolas that sail its canals and its famous carnival have made it one of the world’s most visited cities. Located in the northeast corner of Italy, it is the capital of the Veneto region. Its historic city center, a Unesco World Heritage Site, is one of the most beautiful in the world.

To learn Italian in Venice is more than just speaking, reading and writing. It means discovering its neighborhoods, travelling by vaporetto, enjoying its iconic places, tasting the real gelato and at the end of the day sharing a traditional aperitif with friends.

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Istituto Venice proposes 6 top experiences in Venice, Italy

Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute

“A beautiful church with great views of the Canal”

Fondaco Dei Tedeschi

“Shopping mall in a palace offering some of the best views of Venice”

Guarnieri Glass Factory

“The best rated glass factory tour demostrating world-famous Venetian glass”

Giardini Pubblici

“Catch some peace and quiet here from the tourist-loaded city”

Cometa di Vetro

“A beautiful sculptural monument to the rich history of Venetian glass”

Grand Canal

“Take a boat or gondola through the Grand Canal and discover the city”

Discover Venice and learn Italian at the same time!

Located in the heart of the city, in the Campo Santa Margherita Square, the school offers a variety of courses at different levels suited to fit the needs of each student. It also provides a professional team of experienced teachers prepared to work in a professional and friendly way with students throughout their stay.

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City hopping with TANDEM International

We offer combined Italian courses in different locations. You can start your Italian course in Istituto Venezia, Venice and Trieste, and continue in one of our partner schools in Milan, Florence and Rome.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more details about our discounts for combined courses!

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Going to Italy is like a feast for all five senses. It has a rich history of famous artists, actors, and explorers, and it is an expressive culture with deep familial and ancient roots.

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Learn Italian

Millions of people travel to Italy just to hear one of the most beautiful languages ever spoken. Though Italian is considered a Romance language due to its ties to the Roman Empire, many people consider Italian a romantic language for other reasons.

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