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Learn the French way of life along with the language!

If you’re not born French, it’s likely you’d want to learn the language anyway. Though there are 80 million French native speakers, there is an estimated 274 million people that have learned French as a second language. What draws people to this beautiful Romance language? Learning it is just as enjoyable as speaking it fluently, and with the language you learn the French ways of life.

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Exam preparation, French language

Exam preparation

Group courses, French language

Group courses

Teacher training, French language

Teacher training

Professional French, French language

Professional French

Our French courses inspire and motivate you to learn French easily and to experience and enjoy the local culture. Immersion into the culture and way of life of a particular country is the secret to learning the language.

Group Courses

For special, closed groups of younger students or for groups of adult students with particular language needs, the TANDEM French schools can design “made-to-order” French courses to your liking.

Exam Preparation

TANDEM schools in France offer French language courses to develop your French skills and prepare you, in an individual way, for one of the official French exams DELF/DALF. These courses include a French course in the morning and then individual classes dedicated to exam preparation in the afternoon. You will get to know the various types of tasks and train your aptitude and strategies for the examination. We simulate realistic exam situations, advise you with regards to the progress you make, and give you valuable hints for mastering the tasks.

Teacher Training

Our TANDEM schools in France also invite you to participate in teacher training courses. The courses are aimed at European trainers and other experts in the field of further education for adults, especially for French as a foreign language, who want to update their knowledge about learning strategies and share their professional experience with peers.

Professional French

For a professional or a student, our TANDEM schools in France recommend these programs if you wish to improve your level of general French and professional French: Business French, French for medicine, administration, tourism and law. Great choices especially for people coming to France for work purposes, but lacking the specialized vocabulary the job requires.

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