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The German language is often labeled as a very difficult language to learn.

The German language is often labeled as a very difficult language to learn. Although German is not a Romance language like some of its European neighbors, there are many benefits and unexpected surprises learning this seemingly challenging language. For instance, it’s not as difficult as you might think.

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TestDAF Exam, German language

TestDAF Exam

Summer Courses, German Language

Summer Courses

Teacher Training, German language

Teacher Training

City Hopping, German language

City Hopping

Based in some of Germany’s most interesting cities, our German courses inspire and motivate you to learn German easily and to experience and enjoy the local culture.

TestDAF exam

The TestDaF exam is a nation-wide, standardized test for German as a Foreign Language in the university context and is recognized all over Germany! TANDEM schools in Germany prepare you best for your TestDaF exam! You are going to practice all required language skills in our courses using several mock exams. You will get to know the various types of tasks and train your aptitude and strategies for the examination. We simulate realistic exam situations, advise you with regards to the progress you make, and give you valuable hints for mastering the tasks.

Summer Courses

During July and August, TANDEM schools in Germany offer summer courses for language students from all over the world. In small groups of 10 – 15 participants, the four essential skills of language learning are practiced: listening, reading, writing and especially speaking. All schools offer a wide range of cultural and leisure activities during these summer courses.

Teacher training

Our TANDEM schools in Germany also invite you to participate in teacher training courses. The courses are aimed at European trainers and other experts in the field of higher education for adults, especially targeting German as a foreign language, or those who want to update their knowledge about current learning strategies.

City hopping

One country, two or three cities, one great experience. From Hamburg to Munich, from Frankfurt to Berlin or from Cologne into rural Germany. Book a German combination course and learn so much more about Germans and Germany. The TANDEM language schools in Hamburg, Berlin, Bremen, Bielefeld, Frankfurt, Göttingen, Cologne and Munich are offering you our TANDEM– Deutschlandreise! Start your language sojourn in the city of your choice and continue your course in another place.

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