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Tandem Frankfurt

German language school in Frankfurt, Germany

Learning a new language means entering a new world, and at TANDEM Frankfurt we want to share this adventure with you. Our goal is to provide everything our students need, in order to learn German in a natural and unique way. We are curious; we look for new ways to teach languages and allow people from different cultures and mentalities to be in touch with each other. We are very interested in cultural exchanges and quality teaching.

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Your accommodation in Frankfurt

Shared flat, TANDEM frankfurt German language school

Shared flat

Apartment, TANDEM frankfurt German language school


Hostel, TANDEM frankfurt German language school


Hotel, TANDEM frankfurt German language school


We have everything in hand to find the perfect accommodation for you! Would you like to practice your German outside the classroom and immerse yourself into the German culture and life? Then we have a great offer for you; share an apartment with German hosts (breakfast or half-board may be available). Alternatively, you can share an apartment with another student from our German courses. If you prefer a hotel or a hostel accommodation, please contact us!

Please feel free to contact us for more details!

Activities and Excursions

Museums, TANDEM Frankfurt German language school


Theme park, TANDEM Frankfurt German language school

Theme park

Guided visits, TANDEM Frankfurt German language school

Guided visits

Sports, TANDEM Berlin Frankfurt language school


Besides teaching the German language, one of our main goals is to familiarize our students with Germany, its culture, history, economics and any trending topics. With this goal in mind, we organize activities on a weekly basis on various topics relating to German culture and life. Visits to the main sights of Frankfurt such as the historic center, Goethehaus, Paulskirche (the seat of the first German parliament) and museums are examples of our cultural program.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more details!

Frankfurt, Germany

Why study German in Frankfurt?

Frankfurt is one of the most important metropolises of Germany, and one of the great financial and economic centers of Europe. Located in the center of the country, it is the fifth largest city in Germany. Thanks to its central location and having the third most important airport in Europe, it is very easy to reach. It is also home to the most important book fair in the world, and the Frankfurt Motor Show, the largest in this sector.



Cultural Activities

TANDEM language exchange ®

Map of TANDEM Frankfurt

TANDEM Frankfurt in images

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Partnerships and Certifications

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City hopping with TANDEM International

We offer combined German courses in different locations. You can start your German course in TANDEM Frankfurt and continue in one of our partner schools in Bielefeld, Bremen, Cologne, Berlin, Göttingen, Hamburg and Munich.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more details about our discounts for combined courses!

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